The Best Chairs for Your Standing Desk
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The Best Chairs for Your Standing Desk

It is unhealthy and uncomfortable to be tied to your desk and sit for long periods. It can result in neck and back problems and even bad posture.

It also increases the chances of developing diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and deep-vein thrombosis. Most companies try to upgrade their health protocols by providing their employees with an adjustable standing desk.

To maximise the health benefits of using a standing desk, an ergonomic chair or ergonomic kneeling chair is usually paired with it. You can use this chair to sit or take a break after a prolonged period of standing without breaking your creativity and productivity.

6 Qualities Of A Durable Chair For Your Standing Desk

If you want to make sure you get the best value for your money and at the same time will last long, read here and determine the qualities to ensure you get a durable standing desk chair.

1. Build Quality

How the chair was constructed plays a big role in its durability. It may not be easy to identify which chairs are built well by merely looking at them; this is why it is important to look at them closely and inspect each part and see how they are constructed. Sometimes the price is not a determining factor to know if a product is constructed with quality.

2. Materials Used

To ensure the durability of your standing desk chair, you need to check the materials used and how it is designed. You may be tempted to go for a cheaper standing desk chair but make sure that it is constructed properly and only high-quality materials were used. Check the specifications carefully and make sure the chair is not only made of quality materials but is also comfortable to sit on.

3. Stability

The chair for the standing desk comes in different designs and features. Some allow you to swivel and move around while others allow you to lean forward and backwards. Performing these movements should be supported by a stable standing desk chair or else you’ll fall off the chair. A durable chair should be stable enough to allow you to move confidently while you work.

4. Adjustability

It won’t make sense to get a standing desk chair that is not adjustable. The main purpose of a standing desk chair is to adjust its height to find a comfortable position that will fit with your standing desk.

This makes more sense since not everyone using the chair has the same height. The user’s position should have their feet planted on the ground with their knees bent at least 90°. This should greatly reduce back pain for long hours of sitting.

blank5. Comfortable Seat

The material of the seat should also be considered. Go for a moulded seat with foam. This will reduce the pressure on a single spot and will provide comfort for both the hips and spine.

6. Capacity

Another quality to look for is the weight capacity. You don’t want to be sitting on a chair that will suddenly collapse because it can’t carry your weight. Make sure to always check the maximum weight capacity when scouting for a standing desk chair. If it cannot support heavy weights, then it sure says a lot about its durability.

7. Mobility

Choose a chair that has wheels and a swivel function. This will allow you to move around better and reach for things without straining your arms and shoulders. A swivel function will allow you to move comfortably and support every move you make.

8. Ergonomic Design

Your standing desk chair should have lumbar support and can be adjusted to move backwards or forwards, and has armrests. A chair that provides proper support will reduce the pressure on your lower body and encourage you to have a good posture to support your spine.

How To Choose The Right Standing Chair For Your Standing Desk

Choosing the right chair to accompany your standing desk is important to reap the benefits of using a standing desk while working. According to studies, employees who use a standing desk chair for standing desks has resulted in a significant decrease in musculoskeletal symptoms like pain in the lower back, knees, wrist, and neck associated with sitting on regular chairs for prolonged periods.

blankErgonomic Desk Chair

This is a comfortable choice that can help support the whole body while working. This standing chair is designed to conform to your spine with highly customizable adjusted features. If you are the type that switches from full standing to a full sitting position, the ergonomic desk chair is the perfect complement to your work setup.

Ergonomic Stool For Standing Desk

Standing desk stools have no backrest. Active sitting stools act as a suspended seat that you can lean against while working. It allows you to take a break from your standing position at the standing desk without resorting to a full sitting position. An ergonomic standing stool can make you move forward, backward, side-to-side, wobble and rotate.

It can provide you with a core exercise while working since you try to balance yourself on the stool. You can feel the burn on your hips and core as you move. Using this chair can help boost energy and improve your focus, making you very productive.

Ergonomic Drafting Chair

This chair was traditionally used by artisans and architects who spend a long time bent over their drafting tables. Drafting chairs are made taller than regular ergonomic desk chairs but have similar features.

These chairs generally have a built-in bar footrest that is above the floor. This feature allows you to work at your standing desk with back support and obtain the benefit of an ergonomic desk chair with the variation to sit or stand while working.

To be more productive at work, employees must be able to work comfortably, especially those who are glued to their desks for hours. Using the right chair for standing desk is a win-win for both employees and employers. A happier and healthier employee will perform better and increase productivity due to fewer absences caused by fatigue and body aches.

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