15 Helpful Standing Desk Accessories for Home Office
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15 Helpful Standing Desk Accessories for Home Office

Many have taken advantage of standing desks to reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases and musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

But there are other ways to improve their ergonomic aspects. Check out our recommended standing desk accessories for a smoother workflow and better productivity.

Top Standing Desk Additions

Using a standing desk is an excellent way to break sedentary habits in the office. Specifically, alternating between a sitting and standing position at work reduces health risks and boosts comfort.

With lesser body pains, employees get to accomplish more, avoid unnecessary work stress and are motivated. These are excellent benefits.

What’s more, you can complement your standing desk for better effects! Here are some of them.

1. Anti-Fatigue Mat

Anti-fatigue mats minimise stress caused by standing on hard surfaces for an extended period. They come from different materials like rubber, vinyl, carpet and wood.

Apart from reducing fatigue, anti-fatigue mats also lessen the risks for foot and lower limb conditions. The mats also reduce soreness on the knees, legs and hips.

If you are new to standing desks, these mats can make the sit-stand transition more comfortable for you.

2. Monitor Mount

Standing desks are adjustable, so they’ll add a few inches more to your computer monitor or laptop height. However, you might still have to look down a bit when viewing it. 

Stop eye strain and neck pain from happening with a monitor mount. This accessory is an industrial-looking piece that fastens to the desk, the ceiling or wall.

It elevates the computer monitor to the proper height of the user for a more ergonomic posture. Use this to achieve the best viewing height, position, angle and distance.

3. Mouse and Keyboard Tray

This tray sets the keyboard and mouse at a specific angle and location. With this accessory, your workspace becomes more ergonomic and space-efficient.

Mouse and keyboard trays fit beneath the desk and ensure that your arms are in the optimal position. There are also under-desk mouse and keyboard mounts attached on sliders so users can pull them out when needed.

4. Laptop Mount or Stand

Adjustable laptop mounts are best if you are using a laptop for work. You can set these mounts at different angles and heights to better suit your preference and comfort level.

Laptop mounts, like monitor mounts, allow users to work with good posture. That means no hunching over the screen. With better work posture, you stay focused, alert and efficient.

5. Under-Desk CPU Holder

CPUs are bulky. So if you want to lessen the clutter, a CPU holder can free up space. It also makes your CPU easily accessible for maintenance and fiddling.

Another advantage of this accessory is that it keeps your CPU off the floor to protect it from bumps and dents. It also allows CPU fans to work better through improved airflow.

6. Armrest Support

This accessory supports your forearm and wrist while working on your desk. It props up the dominant arm to lessen stress around your neck, shoulder and forearm.

Armrest supports also have soft, padded surfaces for extra comfort.

7. Ergonomic Stool

The ergonomic stool is a chair type meant to complement standing desks. It lets users move about safely while sitting or leaning on the furniture piece.

Ergonomic stools provide lots of advantages. For one, they encourage users to observe the correct posture at work, lessening back pain risks in the process.

Regular ergonomic chair use also reinforces the core muscles for a strong and more stable back.

8. Balance Board

The best thing about standing at work is that you can also use specific fitness tools in the office. One of them is the balance board. This fitness tool helps retain one’s posture and balance.

Balance boards also make standing at work more comfortable by reducing body strain. This accessory lets users move more for better focus and productivity, too.

Healthy Land_Under-Desk Treadmill

9. Under-Desk Treadmill

This accessory is undoubtedly ideal for fitness enthusiasts. With under-desk treadmills, you can work on your projects and get your cardio workout in one go.

Unlike standard gym treadmills, under-desk treadmills have lower maximum speeds, so you can still concentrate on your work while you tread away.

Most models are easy to store, too. All you need to do is keep them under your standing desk or fold them in half.

Check out these treadmill essentials and see which one is best for your work set-up.

10. Cable Management Tray

Cables that twist and meander like spaghetti are unsightly. But there are ways to make them spic and span.

A cable management tray, for example, can keep them out of your way. This item is perfect for hiding cables under your standing desk.

Cable trays easily pair up with most sit-and-stand desk frames. They are also pretty easy to install.

11. Grommets

If you need more wire management solutions, grommets might be the item you need. Grommets are ergonomic items that keep wires organised. Users only need to let cables pass through the grommet to reduce clutter.

These accessories make standing desk holes seamless and more professional, too. For maximum savings, look for grommets with power outlets and USB ports.

12. Under-Desk Headphone Hook

Headphone hooks are perfect for organising your headsets. You can fasten them under your desk or on the wall next to your standing desk.

These hooks also come in lots of varieties. Some advanced models already include a charging feature, while others can store several headphones.

13. Standing Desk Organiser Drawer

Standing desk organiser drawers come in various types. Some models can hold pens and pencils, while others are best for arranging large folders.

You can install one under your standing desk. On the other hand, free-standing ones have mobile features, so you can move the drawer under the desk whenever you need to sit down.


14. Power Bar with USB Ports

Still on standing desk accessories, here is another recommendation. A power bar with extra USB ports will surely come in handy when you need additional AC and USB sockets.

You can fasten this on the edge of your standing desk, too. That way, you will have more space for your easy-access office items.

15. Wire Extender

Sometimes, cable wiring in the office is too short. Standing desk heights can make wire length a problem, too. So, it’s best to have a wire extender on hand in times like these.

With wire extenders, you can adjust the wiring and arrange the workstation the way you want it.


Standing desk accessories do not only keep all items in their rightful places or help lessen body pain risks. But these also turn your workspace into a functional ergonomic system.

I have used all of those add-ons to make working a breeze, and hopefully, you will also find these accessories helpful and practical.

Informative Q&A

1. Is an under-desk elliptical worth it?

If you currently handle plenty of deskwork, then an under-desk elliptical might do you a lot of good. Using it regularly actually helps in maintaining a healthy weight.

Pairing it with a healthy diet and a reliable exercise regimen is also ideal for effective weight loss.

2. How to choose an under-desk elliptical?

Consider inspecting the size of the under-desk elliptical and matching it with the space you have under your desk.

Make sure to check the noise it makes, the quality of the pedals, its portability and the display monitor. You can check out my under-desk elliptical reviews and buying guide to learn more about these features.

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