Best Ab Machines to Buy in Australia – The Only Review You Need

Almost everyone I know wants to have a flatter tummy. The conventional way of toning the abs can be very challenging for absolute beginners, however. Injuries can happen if you don’t know what you’re doing.

That’s why there are now exercise machines that can help make it a lot easier to achieve flatter, stronger, and well-chiselled tummies.

These ab machines can make the performance of abdominal crunches a lot easier. They also minimise the risk of injuries to the lower back. In this article, I will be sharing with you 5 ab machines that I’ve been fortunate enough to try.

Strength Training Ab Trainer Machine

Based on the Ab Glider style of abdominal exercise machines, the Strength Training Ab Trainer Machine is a good alternative to the expensive GoPlus Ab Trainer. It boasts of sturdy and reliable construction, complete with comfortable features. It doesn’t come with a LED counter or any other form of digital exercise technology. It’s an all-out glider to work your abdominal muscles.

The Strength Training Ab Trainer Machine features a style that is reminiscent of the ab gliders of the first decade of the new millennia. It works by allowing you to flex and extend the core muscles, including the back, abdominals, and the pelvis. It should be a great tool to get flatter abs. Unfortunately, this device may not sit well among folks who do not like Chinese-made products.

Why I Chose It

Provides Whole-Body Workout

Like the GoPlus Ab Trainer, the Strength Training Ab Trainer can also guarantee whole-body workout. Kneeling on the cushion and then pulling yourself to follow the arch can target the muscles of the arms and legs. The curling motion of its upward movement is what can target the abdominal muscles.

Robust Construction

With a load capacity of 250 kilogrammes, I can say the Strength Training Ab Trainer is a mighty strong exercise machine. It comes with rubberised feet to give it optimum stability on the floor. The handlebars and the knee platform feature ample cushioning so it’s more comfortable for you when working out. This exercise machine is also very easy to store because of its folding nature.

Things to Consider


I don’t want to sound very biased, but I know most people are quite averse to things that are made in China. While it is not right to generalize, it is important to keep in mind that the Strength Training Ab Trainer does not come from any Western country that you may know of.

If you’re one of those persons who may not like Chinese products, then this is not for you. But if you don’t mind, then its combination of good design and good pricing should be of great value to you.

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Abdominal Exercise Roller

The Abdominal Exercise Roller from Core & Abdominal Trainers follows the classic design of conventional ab roller wheels. However, it provides a modern twist to it. Integrated into its design is a neat digital band that serves as an exercise tracker.

It monitors the number of reps that you accomplished as well as the number of calories you’ve burned. It’s a great exercise machine that is as portable as any other ab roller wheel.

It comes with a heftier price tag, however. But if you’re going to ask me, this is well worth it because of its wide roller wheel mechanism. The ab roller wheel handles are also designed for greater comfort. It may be expensive, but it sure can justify its price.

Why I Chose It

Simple yet Robust Design

One of the things you’ll love about this machine is how robust its design is. Unlike other ab wheel rollers on the market, this one comes with extra-wide wheels that pivot on a central axis band. The axis band features a small LED display that keeps track of the number of reps accomplished.

It also comes with a calorie counter. But the real gem in the Abdominal Exercise Wheel Roller is its large 16-centimetre width. Other rollers only feature a wheel that is about 5 to 8 centimetres thick. This gives the Abdominal Exercise Roller greater stability.

Portable Ab Roller

Since this ab exercise machine only measures 23.5 centimetres high and weighs a mere 4 kilogrammes, it’s easy to slip into your bag. I find this quite admirable. I can bring it in my travels and perform ab exercises right in my hotel room. Such portability is something that you may also want.

Things to Consider

Quite Expensive for an Ab Roller Wheel

As effective as the Abdominal Exercise Roller is, there are other systems that have a friendlier price tag. However, given that the construction and design of this ab exercise machine are robust, I do understand why it’s priced at this level. Still, some users may find it a bit too steep for an ab roller wheel.

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SmithShaper Ab & Squat Roller

The Ab & Squat Roller from SmithShaper is a system that includes a multi-purpose exercise platform and an exercise pad. It follows the principles of an ab roller, but in a different design. This gives the SmithShaper added versatility that you cannot get from a conventional ab roller.

The construction of the exerciser is robust and also comes with a thoughtful design. It is light enough to be carried around when you want to. The SmithShaper doesn’t come with any neat exercise sensor technology, however.

Why I Chose It

Versatile Ab Exercise Machine

The SmithShaper can be a very simple exercise machine, but it sure can give you 25 different exercises. This is the real deal when it comes to full body workouts. I can tone and strengthen my abs while also shaping my waist.

It is also possible to strengthen and tone other muscles such as those of the back, the arms, the legs, and the buttocks. The accompanying exercise pad also features feet markers so you can position your feet in a way that can enhance the performance of each exercise.

Thoughtful Design and Construction

This ab exercise machine comes with a very unique design. Imagine a bathroom weighing scale with built-in rollers underneath. This gives it the ability to roll on any surface. So, it works like a conventional ab roller, except that you have a firmer and flatter platform to hold onto.

It is also possible to plant your feet on the roller itself or strap it on your back. The possibilities are limitless. It also comes with a kneeling pad or squat mat that’s designed for optimum comfort and durability.

Things to Consider

No Exercise Data Sensors

On a personal note, I don’t mind if there are no exercise data sensors on the SmithShaper. However, given its price tag, I would have preferred if it did. There are also people who are very particular about the monitoring of their progress as well as calories burned. This may come as a real downer for folks who may expect such technologies on the Ab & Squat Roller.

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GoPlus Ab Fitness Crunch

True to all the ab rollers that I have seen through the years, the GoPlus Ab Fitness Crunch is a no-nonsense abdominal exerciser. My only lament about this product is that it is still priced higher than other similar gadgets. On the plus side, you’ll feel more confident about the durability of this machine compared to other similar contraptions. At least, that’s what I think.

The GoPlus Ab Fitness Crunch follows the same design philosophy of conventional ab rollers before it. There are no significant improvements or innovations in its classic design. The idea here is that if such a device worked for many years, why change it? What I would have wanted is a little tweak to the design of the headrest. I would have preferred if it were a bit bigger.

Why I Chose It

Very Simple Design

You can never get simpler than an ab roller. This design for an ab exercise machine has been around since the late 90s. The mere fact that there are still manufacturers that make such contraptions is testament to the usefulness of the design. The GoPlus comes with comfortable padding on the head and neck support. There’s also ample cushioning on the handles and the handlebar. Doing abdominal crunches should be easy with this gadget.

Durable and Portable Construction

Unlike other gadgets that come with flimsy metal construction, you can feel safer with the steel construction of the GoPlus. This device is also very easy to assemble and disassemble. You can bring it anywhere, so you can perform crunches anytime and anywhere you like.

Things to Consider


I’ve seen ab rollers on the market that you can get for less than $30. Sure, the GoPlus Ab Fitness Crunch can boast of durable steel construction, but I am not sure if this is enough to warrant its hefty price tag.

I’ve known many individuals who would like to get their money’s worth in everything that they buy. If they can get the same ab exercise benefits from similar yet lower-priced machines, then they would buy those instead of this GoPlus product.

Ab machines are great tools to help strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles. Some machines offer versatility so that you can perform other exercises with them. There are also those that remain true to the fundamental aim of such an exercise equipment.

On a more personal note, these devices can be important tools to help you achieve a flatter tummy without risking injuries to your back. I’ve seen many friends who suffered back pain because of improper exercise techniques. These machines should help eliminate such concerns. Overall, choosing the right ab machine is dependent on your personal fitness goals.

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GoPlus Ab Trainer

The GoPlus Ab Trainer is an incline sit-up type of abdominal exercise machine. The main draw of this particular piece of equipment is the versatility that it provides.

By modifying the way you use the ab machine, it is easy to target different muscle groups. We’re not only talking about the abdominal muscles. You can also target the muscles of the back, legs, and arms, among others.

Intended for professional use, the GoPlus Ab Trainer promises to deliver shapelier waists and well-toned abs with only 5 minutes of everyday use. My only lament is that it doesn’t come with a board upon which you can lay on. It is quite pricey, too.

Why I Chose It

Versatile Exercise Platform

Unlike other abdominal trainers I have seen, the GoPlus provides a platform that allows you to target different muscle groups. This contraption comes with different components that help give it optimum versatility.

You’re not only going to work your abdominal muscles. You can also target the muscles of the back, legs, arms, and the core. I find this exceptional since very few ab trainers in the market can provide you with such versatility.

Professional-grade Design and Construction

With a hefty price tag, you can expect the GoPlus Ab Trainer to come with only the best possible construction. The frame looks and feels very sturdy. I had a 120-kilogramme friend try it once and you won’t hear any creaking noise from the mechanical components.

The crossbars at the feet provide great stability while the foot, shoulder, and hand rests all come with adequate padding for excellent comfort. You will also find the LED counter to be quite useful in monitoring the number of counts and reps you’ve accomplished so far. I know I do.

Things to Consider


As robust as the GoPlus Ab Trainer is, you’d have to be ready to spend more than a thousand dollars to bring it home. For ordinary folks like me, this can mean a huge sacrifice. However, if you’re thinking of setting up your own gym, then the GoPlus Ab Trainer is for you.

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