Best Mini Exercise Bikes to Buy in Australia – The Ultimate Review

Stationary bikes are permanent fixtures in many fitness centres and gyms. They are perfect for improving cardiovascular endurance and for helping you burn off fat. The issue, of course, is that you cannot bring them with you to the office. This is where mini exercise bikes can be very helpful.

These are portable stationary bikes that can provide you the same benefits as a conventional exercise bike. They’re small and can fit right under the table or office desk. One can always continue working while pedalling the machine. This is how you stay fit even while you’re in the office or working at home.

OZSTOCK Mini Exercise Bike

You don’t need to pay hundreds of dollars to keep exercising your legs while working. With the OZSTOCK Mini Exercise Bike, you’ll get an exercise machine that’s perfect for keeping you fit, though you’re busy working in the office/at home.

The OZSTOCK is very easy to assemble and lightweight enough to carry around. It boasts of some modest features like an LCD monitor and adjustable resistance knob. The frame is sturdy while the pedals feature excellent grip. The OZSTOCK is a miniature exercise bike that anyone can fall in love with.

Why I Chose It

Portable and Lightweight Design

This is one exercise bike that you won’t have any issues sliding under your office desk. It weighs less than 6 kilogrammes and will only require about 29 centimetres of vertical space. I find it very easy to slip the OZSTOCK in my bag, pull it out once I get home, and run a few more “laps” with it while doing additional work.

Modest User Interface

For this unit, it is quite surprising to find an LCD monitor integrated into its sleek chassis. While it doesn’t come with pre-set exercise programmes, it does provide basic information about your mini workout session. There’s the number of calories burned, which many users will love. The mini exercise bike also provides information on the distance travelled, the time elapsed, and the total number of pedal strokes completed.

Adjustable Resistance Settings

I would love my exercise bike to give me different levels of resistance. The OZSTOCK mini exercise does so in a splendid fashion. There is no complicated programming to get the level of resistance that you want. It’s as simple as turning a knob and you can get the workout that your legs need.

Things to Consider

No Customisation Options

For its price, it would be incredible if the OZSTOCK came with customisation options. Folks who are looking for pre-set exercise programmes may find this mini exercise bike to be not a good choice. Still, if one only requires a good way to exercise the legs while performing office duties, then this is it.

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DeskCycle Mini Exercise Bike

One of the most ingenious miniature exercise bikes I’ve seen is the DeskCycle. There are several innovations on the DeskCycle that you won’t get from the OZSTOCK. For instance, its magnetic flywheel guarantees a maximum of 17.7 kilogrammes of resistance across 8 different settings. The on-board computer is also more robust. The mini exercise bike also comes with a neat calorie calculator to keep you abreast of your calorie burn.

It’s not perfect, course. It is heavier than the OZSTOCK by more than 10 kilogrammes. It also costs more than 5 times the price of the OZSTOCK. Still, it’s a great exercise bike to have under your desk.

Why I Chose It

Superb Quiet Operation

Featuring a unique touchless magnetic resistance flywheel design, the DeskCycle is surprisingly quiet. It’s the perfect solution for those working in an office environment so you won’t disturb your colleagues. The ultra-quiet operation of the mini exercise bike allows me to focus on my work at hand. And I am pretty sure my officemates also appreciate my not disturbing them.

8 Resistance Levels

The DeskCycle’s design follows the traditional exercise bikes in gyms and fitness centres. It may only come with 8 resistance levels, but this is sufficient for me. Plus, the fact that the magnetic flywheel can produce up to 17.7 kilogrammes of resistance is enough to help me stay fit.

5-Function LCD Monitor

Unlike the OZSTOCK Mini Exercise Bike, the DeskCycle comes with 5 different functions on its miniature computer. It can keep track of one’s speed, distance, time, and calorie-burn. It also comes with a Scan feature. But what I find amazing with this mini exercise machine is that it can monitor up to 1,000 minutes’ worth of exercise activity.

Things to Consider

A Bit Heavy

While the DeskCycle boasts of a low profile, it is quite heavy. This contraption weighs in at 17 kilogrammes. As such, it may not be that ideal for people who want an equipment that they can bring anywhere. On the plus side, being heavy means the exercise bike is more stable when placed on the floor.

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Wirk Exercise Bike Workstation

The Wirk Exercise Bike Workstation marries exercise performance with work efficiency. It’s a stationary bike that doubles as a standing desk. As an exercise bike, the Wirk comes with a magnetic flywheel mechanism. It also features a miniature on-board computer that tracks distance, speed, time, and calories.

As a standing desk, Wirk provides laptop straps, cup holders, and a few other features to make your work more productive. It runs quiet, too, so you can finish your work without getting distracted. The only issue for me is its price. It’s still a great buy, though.

Why I Chose It

Exercise and Work Platform in One

What is so exciting about the Wirk Exercise Bike is that it combines two different platforms into a single piece of innovative technology. It features an ultra-modern workstation that’s mated to a traditional stationary bike. You don’t need a desk for this. I can place my laptop on the workstation or prop up the tablet holder for my iPad. This is an exercise machine that doubles as your office table.

Thoughtful Construction and Design

Everything about this stationary bike workstation is thoughtfully-designed. The heavy-duty frame is easy to fold for optimum storage. The magnetic flywheel mechanism also offers variable resistance settings. It’s extra-quiet, too, so I can concentrate on my work or on my favourite live stream video. There are cup holders and laptop straps as well.

Comfortable “Ride”

The seat of the stationary bike comes with comfortable padding. The grips and backrest are also padded for a gentler “ride. You can also adjust the height of the desk for a more comfortable working position.

Things to Consider


The Wirk Exercise Bike Workstation may be a 2-in-1 platform, but I find its price tag too steep. I have seen conventional exercise bikes that only cost about a couple hundred dollars. Wirk costs about 3.5 times these standard gym bikes. Does the addition of a workstation justify the additional 500-dollars or so? I don’t think so. But then again, it’s still a great option for those who want a 2-in-1 design for an exercise bike.

Mini exercise bikes are great tools for extending the benefits of a traditional stationary bike. They are lightweight and portable devices that can help you burn calories even while you are busy working in the office. There’s no need to go to the gym with these machines under your desk.

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