Best Anti Fatigue Mat to Buy in Australia 2023 – The Review

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I avoid standing for hours on end since this can do a number on the body—it can eventually lead to common health conditions like poor blood circulation and varicose veins.

There are certain jobs though which require people to stand for the rest of their shift, like production lines and sales. Thankfully, we have innovations like anti-fatigue mats to rely on for comfort.

Anti-fatigue mats are designed with a weight distribution which eases the joints, facilitate proper blood circulation and reduce swelling that is attributed to prolonged standing positions.

These mats come in several types and they differ in materials and sizes to serve a variety of functions. There are ergonomic mats used for the kitchen, for high-traffic workplaces and as complementary mats for standing desks.

Don’t skim and skip anything in this article to learn more about this helpful innovation and the best products sold in the market today.

Top 5 Best Anti-Fatigue Mats in Australia 2024

ImageModelRatingWhere to Buy
Top Pick
TerraMat by CubeFit Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat

TerraMat by CubeFit Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat

  • Dimension (LxWxH): 75.56 x 68.58 x 8.64 cm
  • Material: Polyurethane
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Topo Mini Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat

Topo Mini Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat

  • Dimension (LxWxH): 64.0 x 48.7 x 6.35 cm
  • Material: Polyurethane foam
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Sky Solutions Genius Mat Anti Fatigue Standing Desk Mat

Sky Solutions Genius Mat Anti Fatigue Standing Desk Mat

  • Dimension (LxWxH): 66 x 61.6 x 8.3 cm
  • Material: Patented gel formula
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ComfiLife - Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Comfort Floor Mat

ComfiLife - Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Comfort Floor Mat

  • Dimension (LxWxH): 81.28 x 50.8 x 1.91 cm, 99.06 x 50.8 x 1.91 cm
  • Material: High-Density Foam
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CumulusPRO Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat

CumulusPRO Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat

  • Dimension (LxWxH): 91.4 x 61 x 1.9 cm
  • Material: Polyurethane
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1. TerraMat by CubeFit Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat


  • Slides Out for Easy Placement
  • Thick Build
  • 3D Special Features
  • 11 Different Stances
  • Comes in Only One Colour

With work from home being the new standard, it’s not surprising that more and more people are choosing the healthier option when on the job. Standing desks, partnered with the TerraMat Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat, lets your work day be productive AND healthy.

Why I Chose It

Slides Out for Easy Placement

The TerraMat can be kept under your desk for those times when you prefer to sit and relax your legs while working. Once you’re ready to transition to a standing position however, this mat has a convenient little pocket where you can anchor your foot so that it slides out easily from underneath. No need to bend over and put it in position – the TerraMat can be set up in one smooth motion.

Thick Build

Compared to other mats in the market today, the TerraMat is 100 times thicker for that extra cushion to the feet. The product is Phthalate-free, allowing it to resist wear and tear.

3D Special Features

Perhaps the best feature of the TerraMat is the fact that it was built with the combined effort of an engineer and a personal trainer. As a result, you get a mat with bumps, curves, and edges designed to accommodate different feet positions.

Even as you stand, the mat can work as a platform for exercises such as calf raises and acupuncture pressure peaks. You can also use specific spots in the mat to stretch your calves and massage your feet.

11 Different Stances

The design is such that you can actually use the TerraMat to assume 11 different stances – depending on what part of your body needs the additional pressure. With the different possible postures you can do – you’ll never be bored when using this mat.

Things to Consider

Comes in Only One Colour

The TerraMat Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat comes only in one colour. If your home office is on the smaller side, then you may find the mat too big to fit in.

To wrap it up, the TerraMat Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat makes for an excellent companion in your work from home setup. If you’ve made the decision to be healthier, this is the perfect time to do it and the TerraMat is a good place to start. With this underneath your feet, you’ll barely notice the time as you continue to be productive with your job.

2. Topo Mini Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat


  • Innovative 3D Design
  • Ideal Version for Shorter Folks
  • Comes in 4 Colours
  • No to Heeled Shoes

Why I Chose It

Innovative 3D Design

The Topo Mini Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat is a smaller version of the brand’s original anti-fatigue mat model. This means it has the brand’s distinctive “Calculated Terrain” design. This design incites users to create constant movements and in turn, make your standing position a more productive one for your body.

The constant movement that the design was intended for, coupled with its effective padding, is meant to push the calves to pump more blood for better circulation. Calculated terrain refers to a surface that copies the natural topographic elements of the earth like rocks and elevations.

Since man is made to tread a good range of land, the calculated terrain design is actually appropriate for anti-fatigue mats since users won’t stay in just one standing position and will be encouraged to move about. Parts of the mat like the raised front allows an area where you can prop up either of your feet while the raised rear part is great for deeper calf stretches.

Thus, any motion you make, you’ll feel comfortable throughout. Thanks to the significantly adaptive design of this anti-fatigue mat.

Ideal Version for Shorter Folks

The Topo Mini has a maximum height limit of 5’4″ and this means it’s a good choice for shorter people. Even though it’s a bit smaller compared to the original, your movements will not feel limited.

The design in general is very responsive and it adjusts well to every motion that the user makes. In addition, this is also a good mat for work areas or stations that have limited space plus it’s easy to store. You can just slip it aside under your table.

Comes in 4 Colours

I am chuffed that the Ergodriven brand recognises the need for colour variety in ergonomic mats. Finally, we have a mat that comes in 4 colours. The Topo Mini is available in hues like Black, Blue, Purple and Gray.

Things to Consider

No to Heeled Shoes

Since this is a good piece for your standing desk, you might think that you can wear whatever footwear you want on the mat. Bad news for heel-loving ladies: the brand does not recommend the use of heeled shoes on its surface since it can cause damage. The brand also recommends that you use the mat barefoot to further experience the feel of the material and its benefits.

This is a great buy for those who want the benefits of the original Topo anti-fatigue mat but want something for their smaller workstation. The mat will also benefit people on the shorter side.

3. Sky Solutions Genius Mat Anti Fatigue Standing Desk Mat


  • Excellent Ergonomics
  • Convenient Foot Massage Ball
  • Great Mat Give
  • Odourless Mat Material
  • None 🙂

Why I Chose It

Excellent Ergonomics

Whatever motion you do while using the Sky Solutions Genius Mat Anti Fatigue Standing Desk Mat, you will be guaranteed hours of comfort. This is due to its solid ergonomics—the mat is plush and comfortable where your feet require it and firm where you want it the most.

Stretch your back every once in a while, or wiggle your feet to and fro; the mat adapts easily and quickly to provide the support your body needs while standing.

This anti-fatigue indeed excels when it comes to reducing pressure on the leg, providing improved blood flow and tension. The mat also features a size that is just right for all genders.

The Genius Mat, like the Topo anti-fatigue mat, features a 3D topographical design so it can encourage movement even at a standing position. The variety of raised elements in the mat plus its exclusive, supportive gel formula further enhances the comfort and movement-inducing features that the mat was designed for.

Convenient Foot Massage Ball

At first, I thought the inclusion of a foot massage ball on the mat was a novelty and it wouldn’t work in the same manner as typical massage ball applications. I even thought the ball was disruptive and might render the mat’s otherwise great functionality.

However, after a few tries, I figured I erred and decided the foot massage ball feature is a great part of this mat. The ball is situated in the centre of the mat, removable and is made from plastic material. The ball was a snap to reach if you want some of that pressure removed from your feet. For people with foot conditions like plantar fasciitis and high arches, the presence of the ball is quite the saviour.

Great Mat Give

This ergonomic mat is tops when it comes to comfort. The mat has sufficient thickness and firmness plus enough give to reduce soreness while standing. There’s softness but not too much of it that your feet will sink on the mat. You don’t need to worry about standing on hard floors now—use this regularly and you will experience results within a few days.

Odourless Mat Material

For those with sensitive noses, you won’t need to worry about leaking smells on this anti-fatigue mat. The material used on this product does not have any odours.

Things to Consider

The Sky Solutions Genius Mat Anti Fatigue Standing Desk Mat is the mat to choose in my opinion. I am still raving about the presence of the foot massage ball. It’s very versatile, functional and supportive, you must definitely try this one out for size.

4. ComfiLife – Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Comfort Floor Mat


  • High Quality Materials
  • Multi Use Floor Mat
  • Anti-Microbial Surface
  • Available in Multiple Colours
  • Available in Multiple Sizes
  • May Feel Too Squishy for Some

Why I Chose It

High Quality Materials

This anti-fatigue mat is available is one of the densest products out in the market today. The soft and squishy surface makes it very comfortable to stand on for long periods of time. The mat is ¾ inches thick and built with high-density foam that beautifully cushions the legs, feet, knees, and back. The bristles feel very relaxing on the feet so that you’ll have no issue remaining barefoot while standing on the model.

Multi Use Floor Mat

Aside from being an effective standing pad, this mat can also function as a floor mat for many homes. Place it at the bathroom door, the laundry room, or close to the sink to provide support during activities that require extended standing.

Anti-Microbial Surface

The mat is ergonomic, durable, and very easy to clean. Once you think the surface needs cleaning, just scrub the surface and any dirt or debris that gets stuck can quickly wash off the area. The surface should resist bacteria and minimise tracking of dirt and debris around the house. With the current concerns about germs and bacteria, having this mat around the house can help minimize those issues.

Available in Multiple Colours

Aside from black, this anti-fatigue floor mat can also be bought in a variety of colours from red, blue, pink, brown, and various other shades. This makes it very easy to mix and match the mats according to the general feel of your house.

Available in Multiple Sizes

The mat is also available in different sizes, depending on your needs. The smallest size is measured at 20 by 32 inches while the larger models are set at 20 by 39 inches.

Things to Consider

May Feel Too Squishy for Some

This mat is fairly thick and dense but for some, the thickness may feel a tad bit squishy especially when wearing shoes. I love standing on this anti-fatigue mat with my bare feet or with socks much better than with shoes on.

To wrap it up, the ComfiLife Anti Fatigue Floor Mat makes for the perfect addition to any home. With this beneath your feet, you should be able to perform tasks with little strain on your feet and knees.

5. CumulusPRO Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat


  • Reliable Proprietary Core Design
  • Durable Properties
  • Safe for Use at Work
  • Eco-Friendly Product
  • Comes in One Size Only

Why I Chose It

Reliable Proprietary Core Design

We all want anti-fatigue mats to have sufficient softness, give and firmness that it’s not too uncomfortable to use for an extended period of time. This is where the CumulusPRO Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat succeeds; its effective Cushion-Core technology.

The mat is crafted from high-quality polyurethane for ample support and comfort while standing. The polyurethane material from the mat is not only supportive and pleasant to use, it also comes with puncture/abrasion-resisting properties and is anti-microbial to boot, thus you can wear this barefoot without worrying about germs.

Durable Properties

One of the factors you need to focus on when looking for anti-fatigue mats is the durability of the product. Thankfully the brand does not scrimp when it comes to quality materials for their anti-fatigue mats. We stand on the item for several hours thus we need to have something that can handle all that weight and pressure daily.

The CumulusPRO is designed to tolerate daily use and as mentioned earlier, it is crafted from hardwearing polyurethane that is resistant against punctures, scratches and even chemicals.

Other than that, it is also a snap to clean, thus it’s a great mat for your standing desk in the office. Whether you drop your tea or piping-hot cup of joe on this mat, it will not easily give in to extreme temperatures or staining, and will be removed in a snap.

Safe for Use at Work                                                                              

We tend to be unaware of stuff in the office when we’re really busy and dealing with deadlines. That’s why this mat was designed to be as low-profile as ever. You and your office mates will not trip on this mat thanks to its bevelled, edges, Stay-Flat memory technology and efficient, NSFI-approved non-slip backing.

Eco-Friendly Product

Another advantage of the CumulusPRO is the fact that the polyurethane material used for this mat is not only durable and have anti-microbial properties, it is also free from dangerous elements like heavy metals or formaldehyde. The mat does not have an irritating odour as well. Its safety standards are loyal to both U.K. and U.S. guidelines, plus it’s approved for use by the NSFI or the National Floor Safety Institute.

Things to Consider

Comes in One Size Only

It would be nice if all anti-fatigue mat models came in a good range of sizes to suit different foot sizes and heights. This option only comes in a single size thus it may only accommodate few types of users. It only comes in two colours as well.

All things considered, the CumulusPRO still ranks high when it comes to functionality, comfort, support and durability despite its drawback.

Final Thoughts

Every day, we spend a good number of our time at work, seated. On the weekends, most of us are too tired to go out and be active, thus we just make like couch potatoes at home and spend our weekends in front of the TV or in bed with our smartphones, doing the social media or online entertainment rounds.

The sedentary lifestyle is not the way to prime health and wellbeing—in fact, too much lying down and sitting can be harmful to your health. Backaches, poor blood flow and sore feet are common conditions that are attributed to sitting for an extended period of time at work. At worse, it can lead to even more serious conditions like high blood pressure and heart disease.

Thus, the concept of standing desks became a success. This allows workers to alternate their positions at work—you can spend a few hours seated and stand for the rest of your shift. However, standing can be a pain as well—this is where the benefits of the anti-fatigue mat comes in.

Anti-fatigue mats have proven to be advantageous and effective, that you can already see them in most industries. Even swanky offices have them now, and lots of people who work at home have them, too.

The mats in this article have been outstandingly assessed. While they do have their differences, they have one thing in common: their efficacy at lessening tension, soreness and fatigue while standing at work. The purchase of these mats is indeed validated due to the benefits they bring.


Buying Guide for the Best Anti-Fatigue Mats

Many people and workplaces have benefitted from the use of anti-fatigue mats. This is due to the fact that it eases daily pressure by allowing our body to adapt quickly and constantly with every position we make. These mats also offer better traction and safety elements compared to standard flooring.

Then again, there are several types of ergonomic mats out there. In order to take full advantage of the item, you need to get one that fits your needs. Do not just get something because it’s the first option available—it pays to be aware of the right reasons for purchasing such products. Here are some of the chief factors you need to mull over when looking for quality anti-fatigue mats.

1. Purpose

Not all ergonomic mats are made the same. As mentioned earlier, they come in a good range of types to suit every purpose. That is why this is the first factor you need to mull over when choosing anti-fatigue mats. Do you plan on using it on the kitchen? Your home office? Are you a business owner who’s considering its use for your employees?

These are the three common types of anti-fatigue mats available:

  • Light-duty – Intended for light use or a few hours each day.
  • Medium-duty – Designed for 4-6 hours of usage.
  • Heavy-duty – Designed for managing 2 to 3 work shifts daily.

2. Frequency of use

There are anti-fatigue mats designed for light use and there are ones made for heavy-duty use and high traffic areas. If you plan on using a mat for your workplace, the studio or a garage, then an ergonomic mat made from foam rubber is a good choice.

For support doing common household chores, you can opt for the standard foam kind. Hard rubber ergonomic mats are more recommended for factories, manufacturing plants and other similar settings.

3. Materials

Anti-fatigue mats are typically made from materials like rubber, closed-cell PVC or nitrile.

Rubber ones often have surfaces with ribbed patterns for better traction and help reduce slipping, tripping and fatigue. Rubber material for ergonomic mats are combined with PVC materials at times and they come in different varieties as well to suit different purposes.

Closed-cell PVC material, when combined with rubber, lead to durable and effective mats that benefit workplaces like factories, workstations and manufacturing plants.

Nitrile meanwhile provides excellent, robust resistance, is durable and also oil, rubber, chemical and animal fat-resistant. Thus, this type of mat is great for any type of environment. It is also the costliest among anti-fatigue mat materials.

There are also gel mats available—the technology used for shoe insoles are now used as anti-fatigue properties for mats as well. Gel ones are excellent for reducing fatigue and absorbing tension off of the feet. However, they are also one of the most expensive options in the market.

4. Safety features

High-quality ergonomic mats are designed with anti-slip features. These are mats with textured surfaces or patterns for great traction. When choosing anti-fatigue mats, you need to guarantee that the mats are safe for use even on wet conditions.

To prevent tripping or stubbing your toes, you should check if the mat has good gradient transition between its highest level and the flooring. Mats with bevelled edges are a great choice.

5. Size

The dimensions of the anti-fatigue mat will also depend on the space you have available in your place. Make sure that the mat is capable of accommodating and protecting a good amount of functional space.

See the dimensions of your anti-fatigue mat options first then measure the floorspace where you plan on setting the mat up. Remember that the mat must have sufficient girth so you can comfortably stand on it for hours on end.

6. Density

Ergonomic mats with a higher density rate are better at easing fatigue and pressure compared to products with a thinner profile. In addition, just because a mat feels soft or squishy, it means it is good enough to combat fatigue.

Always check products that are manufactured with solid, consistent materials that will not diminish its quality over a certain period of use. Opt for anti-fatigue mats that are a half-inch thick at the least, or if you can, way thicker than a half-inch.


High-quality anti-fatigue mats are durable and will last for many uses. The strength of an ergonomic mat depends on the materials used and its craftmanship. This type of mat has a life cycle which ranges from 6 months to more than a few years.

Those that are made from mediocre materials will wear away faster—the edges of these low-quality options often fray easily after a number of uses.

Look for mats that are resistant against cracking to guarantee that they will not easily break down with continuous clean-ups. Quality mats are also sealed completely to guarantee that any type of liquid, chemicals or detergent will not seep in and damage the integrity of the mat.

8. Ease of maintenance

If you plan on using anti-fatigue mats in high-traffic areas or places with a high level of activity, then a mat that is easy to maintain will be more convenient for you.

Ergonomic mats with good quality are often a breeze to take care of. These mats only need to be hosed down or cleaned with a wet rag. Great ones also include anti-bacterial, antimicrobial and even hypoallergenic properties.

For those who want ergonomic mats for kitchen use, you must choose ones that are made with hygienic, sanitary properties.

You don’t really need to worry about how to care for your anti-fatigue mats since they already come with manufacturer’s instructions for its maintenance. Just follow the steps for cleaning the mat.

9. Price

You do have to consider your budget when choosing a good ergonomic mat, too. High-quality ones are usually on the expensive side, but the ones that work make for excellent investments indeed.

However, there are also reasonably-priced ones that do the job perfectly. Do your homework and check out the prices and reviews of the options you are interested in.

FAQs on Anti-Fatigue Mat

1. Do anti fatigue mats actually work?

I believe a certain product works when they are used by a lot of people. These days, you will see many industries that use anti-fatigue mats. Anti-fatigue mats have been proven effective in making the work environment more comfortable for people.

These mats are capable of reducing pain caused by prolonged standing and facilitate proper blood circulation. There’s a new study at the Loughborough University In England which verifies that ergonomic mats offer noteworthy effects on people required to stand for an extended period of time at work.

2. How often should anti fatigue mats be replaced?

The life cycle of ant-fatigue mats differs significantly based on a number of factors like foot traffic, number of workshifts daily, exposure to certain fluids, oils, chemicals or extreme temperatures, frequency of maintenance and clean-up, quality of construction and materials.

Most anti-fatigue mats are built to be used for a year if used correctly. If you work in a place where you can sit and stand, then you might be able to use your mat for a few more years. Mats used in work areas with high foot traffic or activity need to be changed every 6-12 months.

3. What do anti fatigue mats do?

Anti-fatigue mats are designed to make the body adapt to every movement constantly, thus leading to better blood circulation and weight distribution.

Better weight distribution means the swelling is reduced and will help ease inflamed joints that have been caused by standing for an extended period of time. Good blood circulation will also help prevent the appearance of varicose veins.

Ergonomic mats are built with anti-slip features, too, that promote improved traction and grip. Users will be able to focus more on their job without worrying about slipping/tripping.

4. How do you clean anti fatigue mats?

Ergonomic mats often come with instructions on how to clean and maintain the item. There are specific things though that you need to avoid when caring for the mats.

For one, anti-fatigue mats should be cleaned only with mild cleaning agents and water. Harsh brushes should not be used on the mats.

The mats should never be left exposed to direct sunlight as well. Let the mat dry properly after a clean-up.

To guarantee that you will have an ergonomic mat that lasts, always get a product that suits your purpose appropriately.