Best Under Desk Elliptical Trainer to Buy in Australia – The Ultimate Review

Elliptical trainers are fascinating pieces of gym equipment. These machines combine the benefits of walking, running, and stair-climbing to help boost cardiovascular endurance. The problem with such machines is that they can be bulky. Under desk elliptical trainers can provide you with some of the benefits of a conventional cross trainer.

These are portable devices you can bring anywhere. The only downside to these machines is that their stride may not be as wide as a conventional cross trainer. However, they can still make for a wonderful exercise equipment to keep you fit whether you’re in the office or at home.

JFIT Under Desk Elliptical Trainer

The JFIT Under Desk Elliptical Trainer is a dual-function stepper. It’s great for those who want a modified cross trainer that’s great for the office or the home, whether sitting or standing. The grippy pedals are fully-adjustable to accommodate any user.

This neat exercise device comes with an on-board computer for exercise performance tracking. It is compact and portable for optimum versatility. The construction is also robust that it will last many years.

Why I Chose It

2-in-1 Functionality

There are two ways you can use the JFIT Under Desk Elliptical Trainer. You can use it as a conventional cross-trainer by standing on the pedals. You’ll have to be content without the handles, of course. Or you can use the JFIT as an under desk cross trainer as intended. Either way, you’ll have a much better chance of achieving your fitness goals than with other systems.

Compact and Portable Design

Weighing in at 10.9 kilogrammes, the JFIT is portable enough to be carried from home to the office and back. I can use the JFIT wherever I may be. I can work on some stuff at home or my tasks in the office and the JFIT will still be giving me the exercise I need. It comes with a small footprint, too. You’ll never worry about any space issues.

Adjustable Pedals

This might not be a big plus for most people, but I love it. The fact that I can adjust the height of the pedal means I can find the sweet spot for the best cross-training performance. This also allows shorter or taller people to use the JFIT with relative ease.

Things to Consider

Small LCD Display

The JFIT cross trainer features an LCD display that gives you an idea of your exercise performance. Here’s my issue: it’s too small that I will have to bend down to have a good look at the information on the display. It is okay if you have perfect 20/20 vision. The problem is that if you’re already losing the full function of your vision, then this could be a problem.

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JFIT 50-1000-PEWj/Fit Under Desk Elliptical Trainer

This mini elliptical trainer from JFIT redefines the way we use under desk steppers. Whereas other systems allow you to use it “on” the desk, they still will prevent you from using it standing up. That’s the beauty of the new JFIT Mini Elliptical. It comes with a robust construction that allows fitness buffs to use it standing up. It is like working out on a professional elliptical machine, except that this baby doesn’t have handlebars you can hold on to.

The JFIT 50-100-PEW can deliver enough power to get you burning up to 300 calories while sitting down and working on your office stuff. At home, it bumps up the figures and can be a worthy alternative to conventional gym equipment.

Why I Chose It

Dual Functionality: Under Desk and Stand Up

Most mini elliptical trainers do not allow you to stand up on them. Well, this j/Fit does. Whether it is for the usual under-the-desk application or some real workout standing up, this mini elliptical can be a great all-around equipment to burn as much as 300 calories sitting down. Try standing up and you get to bump those calories further.

Super Quiet Motor

There is a beautiful hum emanating from the motor of the j/Fit. It is never annoying. And it will never disturb your officemates who are trying to concentrate and focus on their individual tasks. The elliptical comes with a larger wheel, allowing it to operate in a smoother and quieter manner.

Adjustable Tension Settings

You may think this is not a big deal but it is for me. Being able to adjust the tension on the pedal should help you determine the amount of work that your legs will have to produce. You can take it slow or push yourself to the limit.

Things to Consider

LCD Display May Be Too Small

While the user interface already displays all the important information that you may need, the display itself can be quite small for some people. Moreover, the backlighting doesn’t provide excellent contrast so you may have to strain to see the information on the display.

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GFEI Elliptical Stepper Portable Mini Magnetic Step Machine

Featuring the Magnetron Resistance technology, the GFEI Elliptical Stepper is a great choice for those who are not yet ready to commit huge sums of money on a mini elliptical trainer. Costing about half the price of other products on the market, it is easy to think that the GFEI comes with mediocre features. You’d be surprised that it doesn’t.

As a matter of fact, this stepper comes with a unique twist action that guarantees more complete workout for a number of target muscles. It also features a standard LCD screen to keep you abreast of your progress. While it is bulkier than other types of mini steppers, it is for good reason. It ensures better stability as you use it under the desk while you focus on your work.

Why I Chose It

Adjustable Magnetic Resistance

I find that most mini steppers don’t publish what kind of flywheel their products have. The good news with the GFEI is that it is proud to have a magnetic resistance flywheel forming the core of its design. Best of all, one can adjust the levels of resistance up to 8 different settings. You get the kind of workout that you deserve.

Unique Twist Action

GFEI calls it the “wing style” twist action steps. This means the legs will not only go through the usual circular motions as you pedal with your feet. There is a twisting motion, too, allowing users to sculpt their lower limbs into the desired form. It’s also a system that boasts of providing users with a complete workout.

Reliable Construction

The GFEI Elliptical Stepper features a durable construction that puts reinforced steel in its frame. It also has anti-skid rubber base plus a whisper-quiet operation that can be pleasant to hear. It won’t disturb your officemates, too.

Things to Consider

A Bit Bulky

While I do appreciate the fact that the GFEI stepper features reinforced steel construction, I find it to be on the bulky side of things. True, it only weighs 7 kilogrammes but it does require a surface area of about 57 centimetres x 43 centimetres. This is a minor issue, however.

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FitDesk Under Desk Elliptical Trainer-1082

It may have a hefty price tag, but the FitDesk Under Desk Elliptical Trainer is one of the best in the market. It comes with a neat 8-level adjustable magnetic flywheel that ensures whisper-quiet and smoother operation.

The 6-function display is an added bonus, although its foot shifter is what many people find pleasing in this device. It frees the hand from having to adjust the level of tension on the flywheel. At least, there’s no need to bend and reach for the knobs.

Why I Chose It

Low Pedal Rotation Height

One of the things that people look for in an under desk mini elliptical trainer is the height of the device. It should have a small vertical clearance so it will fit under most tables or desks. The pedal rotation of the FitDesk is lower than most other brands. As such, you won’t hit your feet at the bottom of your desk when you pedal.

High Velocity, Adjustable Magnetic Flywheel

Like any other high-end mini elliptical trainer, the FitDesk features a state-of-the-art magnetic flywheel. This gives it a smoother and quieter operation. At least, you can always push yourself despite the fact that you’re busy with your office tasks. The other good thing with this stepper is that you can adjust the resistance levels. It has 8 different levels to choose from.

Built-in Rolling Foot Massager

You can think of me as being vain, but I do find the inclusion of a rolling foot massage into the design of the mini elliptical trainer awesome. Imagine pedalling the trainer for up to an hour. It’s inadvertent that you will somehow feel the strain on your feet and legs. Having a massager can help you push yourself further as the device already takes care of muscle soreness.

Things to Consider


The FitDesk Elliptical Trainer is an engineering marvel and excels at keeping you fit. However, it may not be suitable for a person who may be tight on budget. 

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Final Thoughts

Under desk elliptical trainers may not provide the full range of benefits that you get from conventional cross trainers. However, they offer portability that you can bring anywhere. This means you can keep on exercising wherever you may be. This is the greatest advantage of these gadgets over traditional trainers.