Best Sit Stand Desk to Buy in Australia 2024 – The Guide You Need

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Best Standing Desks Australia

There’s nothing bad about staying in for the weekend and just vegging out. However, too much of it is actually bad for our health. The sedentary lifestyle is not the right direction to health. The same can be said about sitting for hours on end at work.

So how do we cut down sitting at work? A great solution for this is a quality height adjustable sit stand desk in your home office space. Sit stand desks allow for a quick change of position from a sitting to a standing one.

It offers a wide range of benefits for the user—it makes you stay mobile while at work, improves concentration and even better, reduces the chances of back aches and other pains that one experiences from sitting too long.

I have a list of best standing desks in Australia that you can choose from, complete with reviews. Discover which among the standing desks will be your top pick.

7 Best Sit Stand Desks in Australia 2024

Here are best standing desks in Australia

ImageModelRatingWhere to Buy
Top Pick
UpDown Desk PRO Series Electric Standing Desk with Bamboo Desktop

UpDown Desk PRO Series Electric Standing Desk with Bamboo Desktop

  • Lifting Mechanism: Electric
  • Desktop Size: 120cm x 75cm, 150cm x 75cm, 180cm x 75cm
  • Max Load: 150kg
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Movi Lite Sit Stand Desk Converter

Movi Lite Sit Stand Desk Converter

  • Lifting Mechanism: Electric
  • Desktop Size: 115cm x 70cm
  • Max Load: 15kg
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JasonL Just Right Height Adjustable Desk

JasonL Just Right Height Adjustable Desk

  • Lifting Mechanism: Electric
  • Desktop Size: 120cm x 80cm
  • Max Load: 70kg
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JasonL Stand Up - Manual Height Adjustable Desk

JasonL Stand Up - Manual Height Adjustable Desk

  • Lifting Mechanism: Manual Crank
  • Desktop Size: 120cm x 80cm
  • Max Load: 80kg
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Artiss Motorised Sit Stand Desk

Artiss Motorised Sit Stand Desk

  • Lifting Mechanism: Electric
  • Desktop Size: 120cm x 60cm, 140cm x 70cm
  • Max Load: 100kg
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Vari Electric Standing Desk - Sit to Stand Desk

Vari Electric Standing Desk - Sit to Stand Desk

  • Lifting Mechanism: Electric
  • Desktop Size: 122cm x 76cm
  • Max Load: 90.7kg
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1. UpDown Desk PRO Series Electric Standing Desk with Bamboo Desktop

Best standing desk - UpDown Desk

  • Durable and Eco-Friendly Table
  • Heavy-Duty Frame
  • Four Memory Buttons
  • Spacious Desk Space
  • Desk Upgrade-Ready
  • Australian Owned and Operated Supplier
  • Long-Term Warranty and 30-Day Trial
  • Assembly Effort and Time
  • Optional Cable Grommet

Why I Chose It

Durable and Eco-Friendly Table

This 2.5cm-thick table looks and feels very well-made, from the smooth surface to its seamless rounded corners. The sustainable bamboo top is both attractive and hard-wearing for home or office use. I especially love the thought of making it mildew and water-resistance for added protection. Now, I can have my day’s workload and morning cuppa on the same wooden table!

Heavy-Duty Frame

Compared to similar standing desks, the UpDown Desk PRO Series has a heavier desk frame weight. But it also makes it extra sturdy and wobble-free no matter your height setting (64cm to 129cm). It even has a lifting capacity of up to 150kg. The frame also works with a dual-motor control panel, so every height transition is smooth, vibration-free and quiet.

Four Memory Buttons

Are you planning to share your UpDown Desk with other people? Good thing you can easily save your preferred table height by pressing one of its four M buttons. The desk also has a built-in anti-collision feature for damage protection and auto shut off to save power.

Spacious Desk Space

The UpDown PRO Series with bamboo desktop is available in three sizes. All of which provide ample work surface for your productive or creative activities. The ergonomic desk features sufficient legroom underneath and space for your file cabinets or trolley organisers, too. It’s the perfect high quality standing desk if you like having a workstation with all your essentials within easy reach.

Desk Upgrade-Ready

UpDown makes it easy for us to create our dream workspace with its array of optional add-ons. You can check out their user-friendly website for their under-desk drawers, cable tray and management kits, monitor arms and metal grommets. Their anti-fatigue mat is excellent if you stand a lot at work, too.

Australian Owned and Operated Supplier

UpDown being an Australian owned and operated supplier of standing desks is a big plus. Their friendly staff assures a smooth-sailing process, from their helpful live chat to quick order processing. Even their shipping is fast, too. Picking up your order is also an option for Melbourne customers.

They can take care of interstate deliveries through national couriers as well. After-sales service is also top-notch, and you can contact them if you need assistance in assembling or upgrading your newly purchased desk.

Long-Term Warranty and 30-Day Trial

The UpDown Desk Pro Series comes with a worry-free 10-year warranty for its desk frame. If you plan to add accessories to your table, they come with a 1-year warranty, too. On top of that, there’s also a risk-free, 30-day money-back guarantee on all PRO Series electric standing desks!

Things to Consider

Assembly Effort and Time

The manual says you can assemble the desk within 20 to 25 minutes. But it took me 1 hour and 20 minutes to have it ready. You might need another person to help you unbox and put everything together, too, as the desk comes in three heavy boxes. Plus, if you’re checking the installation guide or video in between, assembly time will take longer than what is in the instruction manual.

Optional Cable Grommet

There’s a tray included in the package for managing your cables under the desk. But if you prefer concealing them through table corner grommets, you need to ask the company to drill the holes for you. Aside from the added cost, it will also void your 30-day trial. Besides being one of the best standing desks in Australia, I rate the UpDown Desk Pro to be the best overall standing desk among other listed standing desks here.

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2. Movi Lite Sit Stand Desk Converter by Movi Workspace

Best Standing Desks in Australia - Movi Desk

  • Encourages Good Posture
  • Easy to Lift and Lower
  • Can Withstand Heavy Objects
  • Very Spacious
  • Looks Neat and Sleek
  • No Need for Assembly
  • 2-Years Warranty
  • May Need a Friend to Help Place It on Your Desk

Why I Chose It

Encourages Good Posture

Movi Workspace is a local Melbourne company that designed and engineered this amazing technology. The ability of this electric adjustable standing desk converter to move up and down makes it easier for me to easily switch from sitting to standing position with just a push of a button!

As an office worker, I am a person who works in front of the computer for eight hours, sometimes more and it is huge relief to know that having this Movi Lite sit stand desk lowers my risk of experiencing bad posture problems. Not forgetting to mention that these desks are built to meet Australian standards.

I can stand and stretch my arms and entire body but still be able to see what’s running on my computer monitor. With this, I rate the Movi standing desk converter as one of the best standing desks in Australia. It is also one of the best sit stand desk converters I have ever used.

Easy to Lift and Lower

I was amazed by how the Movi Lite standing desk by Movi Workspace was designed to provide comfort. I didn’t have difficulty lifting or lowering it whenever I needed to. I just have to take advantage of its push and hold button technology when raising or lowering it.

When all I badly need is a less stressful working environment, this electric standing desk definitely has got me covered! I won’t have to exhaust too much effort lifting and lowering my desk.

Can Withstand Heavy Objects

Knowing that the Movi Lite can hold objects with a lifting capacity of up to 15 kilograms is also very beneficial for me. I placed my laptop, external monitor and keyboard and was so glad to see my desk still standing firm and stable. I also placed my coffee mug, notebook and pens to ensure everything I need while working is within reach.

Add in that pot of green ornamental plant for some inspiration and voila! I have transformed my home office!

Very Spacious

Not forgetting to mention the space this desk provides – plentiful! To give you an idea, you can enjoy about 4 times usable work space as compared to most standing desk converters in the market today.

The melamine desktop space measures at 115cm (45”) x 70cm (27”) with a thickness of only 3.9cm (1.5”). You won’t even notice that this adjustable sit stand desk is another unit sitting on top of your existing desk. 

Looks Neat and Sleek

The product has a high-quality finish which makes the sleek design look so neat! I love that it has a neutral colour so it does not contrast with any other colours in my home office. The standing desk also matches well with my ergonomic chair.

No Need for Assembly

For someone like me who doesn’t have handyman skills, I was so relieved to see it fully assembled when I took it out of the box. 

2-Years Warranty

Movi Workspace offers a 2-year warranty on the Movi Lite Sit Stand Desk.

Things to Consider

May Need a Friend to Help Place It on Your Desk

While the Movi Lite Sit Stand Desk is not extremely heavy, you’ll most likely need a friend to help you carry it and position on to your existing desk to avoid hurting yourself.

3. Desky Dual Bamboo Sit Stand Desk


  • Versatile Design
  • Solid Frame
  • Single Motor Adjustment
  • Stylish Design
  • Quick and Easy Assembly
  • Long Warranty (10 years on frame, 5 years on desktop)
  • Limited Desktop Colour Option

Why I Chose It

Versatile Design

This 3-layered bamboo desktop functions a sitting and standing desk. The frame is completely adjustable and can accommodate users of different heights. This eliminates the issue of problematic eye-lines as you can adjust the Desky Dual Bamboo Sit Stand Desk down to the last centimeter – whether you’re standing or sitting. Greatest standing height is at 125 centimeters while at sitting, its lowest is at 60 centimeters.

Solid Frame

The table is a combination of wood, metal, and a plastic finish. This creates a very dependable table that can easily accommodate any weight you put on it. It has a weight capacity of up to 140 kilograms – allowing you to install even a full desktop setup or two monitors.

Single Motor Adjustment

The up and down motor lifting mechanism system has a consistent pace and can be controlled through a single adjustment lever. The motors are hidden away so it doesn’t affect the overall look of this dedicated standing desk. The legs are evenly distributed, allowing for the weight to properly scan the table so there’s zero chances of the table buckling during the up-down adjustment.

Stylish Design

A combination of wood and neutral colors, the electric standing desk is perfect for those who want a contemporary feel to their home office. Not being overly loud, the product blends perfectly with any situation and unobtrusive enough to keep you focused on your work, your study, or even your online games! The bamboo desktop surface is covered by polyurethane which makes it very easy to clean and resistant to stains.

Quick and Easy Assembly

All the needed parts come with the product – including any tools you might need to set it up. The assembly itself is quick and easy and will not require extensive knowledge on your part. Building time takes less than 30 minutes for a satisfying setup.

Long Warranty

Desky Australia provides lengthy warranty that some manufacturers do not offer. On this sit stand desk, it comes with a 10-year warranty on frame and a 5 year warranty on the desktop.

Things to Consider

Limited Desktop Colour Option

Despite having 3 colour options for the desk frame, the bamboo desktop only comes in one colour. I think having more options would allow users to easily match the Desky Dual Bamboo Sit Stand Desk with their existing furniture.

4. JasonL Just Right Height Adjustable Desk

Best standing desk - JasonL

  • 2-in-1 Feature
  • Extensive Work Surface
  • Laminate Surface
  • Warranty
  • Some Assembly Required

Why I Chose It

2-in-1 Feature

The Just Right standing desk is perfect for someone like me who often experiences back pain thanks to the 8-hour workday of pure sitting. This table at least manages to offer some relief once adjusted to its standing height, therefore allowing me to continue with my work while stretching out my legs and promoting blood circulation all through my body.

This 2-in-1 feature lets me enjoy all the health benefits of standing and sitting with just a simple touch of the lever (electric lifting mechanism) for height adjustment. It’s actually perfect for taller persons since the electric standing desk can extend up to a maximum height of 123 cm while the minimum is set at 71 cm.

Extensive Work Surface

The work surface has a 120 by 80 cm dimension, which allows me to put several items on the desk all at once. The weight capacity of the model is also fairly impressive at 70 kilograms – which means I can put two laptops and a printer on there without worrying about the standing desk collapsing on me.

The thickness of the surface itself is an impressive 2.5 cm, which accounts for the fairly heavy overall weight of the table at 40 kilograms.

Laminate Surface

The laminate surface of the table makes for very easy cleaning. As someone who loves to drink multiple cups of coffee in the morning, the smooth top of the table means that even with a few spills, a quick wipe on the area makes the standing desk look as good as new.


For this model, you have a 3 year warranty for the product itself. The motor also comes with a 3-year warranty.

Things to Consider

Some Assembly Required

When ordering this standing desk, make sure you’ve prepared a hand drill to help with the assembly.

5. JasonL Stand Up – Manual Height Adjustable Desk

JasonL Manual SIt Stand Desk - Best Standing Desks in Australia

  • Quickly Switch from Standing to Sitting
  • Wide Working Area
  • Easy to Clean Work Surface
  • Long Term Warranty
  • Will Need Some Assembly

Why I Chose It

Quickly Switch from Standing to Sitting

The primary feature of this Stand Up – Manual Height Adjustable Desk is the fact that it can quickly change from a sitting desk to a standing desk. All I have to do is crank the height adjustments attachment and it can be adjusted to a maximum height of 114.5 cm. The minimum height is at 71.5 cm and thanks to how easy it all is, I have no problem switching from one end to the next all throughout the day. This has certainly helped prevent the typical back pain that comes from sitting all day on my desk.

Wide Working Area

The table covers an area of 120 by 80 cm which is actually big enough to fit two monitors if I wanted to. There’s enough space there for the PC, the printer, and other knick knacks I often need to maintain the quality of my work.

Since the standing desk can take up to 80 kilograms worth of weight, putting several items on there should not be a problem. I can arrange several files on top of each other and rest assured knowing that the desk frame can handle the weight.

Easy to Clean Work Surface

The height adjustable table is done in white powder coat steel with a laminated finish. This helps minimise the chances of any marks or stains lingering on the surface. If you spill coffee or if there are mug marks on the table, the laminate surface lets you just wipe it off without any problems.

Long Term Warranty

I love the fact that the standing desk comes with a 10-year warranty.

Things to Consider

Will Need Some Assembly

To assemble this adjustable sit stand desk, you’ll need the use of a hand drill to put in the screws on the laminated surface of the standing desk.

6. Artiss Motorised Sit Stand Desk

Best Standing Desks in Australia - Artiss Motorised Standing Desk

  • Helps Improve Productivity
  • Easy to Change Position
  • Perfect for Office
  • Easy to Put Together
  • More Colour Options
  • Comes Well-Packaged
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • May Need Someone to Help With the Assembly

Why I Chose It

Helps Improve Productivity

The Artiss sit stand desk does a great job in significantly reducing my back pain. It works perfectly as described – a sit stand desk. No more back pains, just more hours of focused work and increased productivity. 

Easy to Change Position

The up and down function works quite well. So, whenever I want to change from a sitting position to a standing position, I can easily do it without much fuss. If I feel like getting back to a sitting position once again, I can certainly do it without any sweat. With the height of Artiss standing desk, I could pre-set the height to my liking up to 3 settings.

Perfect for Office 

This ergonomic desk is perfect for people looking to spend more hours doing computer-related tasks, especially when you are working from home. The powder-coated metal frame is designed in a way that it becomes easier for you to sit or stand whenever you want to stretch your back, wiggle your toes and move around.

Easy to Put Together

It’s quite easy to assemble as instructions with drawings are clear and all the parts and tools needed for assembly are provided. The Artiss stand up desk also has pre-drilled holes to make the installation process such a breeze. 

More Colour Options

The desk tops are available in different colours such as white, walnut, natural oak and black. I ordered the one with a natural oak colour and it blends well with the colour of my room’s contemporary interior design. Plus, its natural grain pattern also makes it look simple yet sleek.

Comes Well-Packaged

The height adjustable standing desk is well packaged and you can see right away once you open it that everything has been packed with care. Every piece is packed in a way that protects the table from scratches. It has a separate plastic bag where the bolts, screws and keys are packed. The frame and desktop came in two separate packages but were received together.

Low Energy Consumption

I love that it operates quietly so it doesn’t interfere at all with my ability to focus on the task at hand. The dual motor and the controls work very well and I was surprised to see it didn’t cause any significant increase in electric consumption. It is one of the perfect desk for home offices.

Things to Consider

Will Need Someone to Help With the Assembly

The frame is so heavy it weighs more than 20 kilograms. You will need someone to help with the assembly. 

7. Vari Electric Standing Desk – Sit to Stand Desk

Vari Sit Stand Desk - One of the best standing desks in Australia

  • Sizable, Functional Workspace
  • Robust Construction
  • Cable Management Tray
  • Three Programmable Height Settings
  • Quiet Motor
  • Full-On Sit to Stand Desk
  • Stability Bar Position

Why I Chose It

Sizable, Functional Workspace

The Vari Electric Standing Desk has enough space to place your office essentials. It is designed to accommodate two computer monitors and keyboard/mouse combination. The wider desk also means you have enough room for your cup of coffee, phone, notebooks, tablets and containers for your pens and sticky notes.

Robust Construction

The unit is crafted from high-quality, sturdy commercial-grade materials like laminate and steel. To further provide support and sturdiness, the desk is equipped with a steel stability crossbar. The presence of a steel stability crossbar assures me since this means all of your items will be kept safe regardless of the height I choose.

Cable Management Tray

Another excellent detail of this standing desk is its cable management tray. No more messing with wires all over your work desk, they won’t get in the way anymore thanks to this helpful cable management feature. I give the cable management tray plus points for better organisation.

Whether you work at home or in an office setting, this Vari standing desk model will definitely make your working hours a more comfortable, sustainable and productive one.

Three Programmable Height Settings

This Vari electric standing desk gathers more points due to its high-tech feature; three programmable height settings. Users can actually program a maximum of three height settings on this standing desk model. Less fuss fiddling with height adjustments every time you want to change positions. It can be programmed between 64.5 cm to 128 cm.

Quiet Motor

Motorised devices usually emit loud noises but this one works without a sound. It was made with an office setting in mind. I find this one a neat advantage since you won’t bother workmates during transitions. The quiet motor is built not only for a smooth sit-to-stand transition but for noiseless operations as well. 

Full-On Electric Sit Stand Desk

If you’re not in the market for a standing desk converter since your desk won’t be able to handle all that additional weight, then a full-on standing model like this one from Vari is your best option. A full-on standing desk also gives a more organised, streamlined look. It has a utilitarian style and allows for a single space where you can readily grab any item you need – a perfect addition to the home office.

Things to Consider

Stability Bar Position

The stability bar I think is a great addition to the whole desk frame ensemble. However, its positioning might pose as a problem for some. The bar might be an unnecessary obstruction to the user while he or she is in a sitting position. You may need to adapt to the bar in the beginning and find a position where it won’t get in your way. 

Why Invest in a Sit Stand Desk?

The World Health Organization and the Mayo Clinic both stated that a sedentary lifestyle or lack of physical activity leads to a slew of health conditions ranging from heart disease, type 2 diabetes and worst, death.

Sitting at work for an extended period of time is often frowned upon by many professionals in the healthcare industry. Staying in one position does not only lead to discomfort, it is also connected to back pain and poor blood circulation.

That is why staying mobile is recommended. You need to move occasionally, even at work. You can change positions—why not do your work sitting down for a few hours, and alternate with a standing position a few hours later? You can do so with an effective sit and stand desk.

Many offices these days encourage the use of sit and stand desks due to their wide range of benefits. It maintains the health of employees, and healthier employees mean they can fully concentrate on the tasks they were given. In turn, employees who can focus on their work means increased productivity.

That is why I highly suggest the use of stand up desks at work or when working from home. I cannot go back to that old standard; it’s healthier this way.

If you’re considering a shift to a sit and stand work set-up, better mull over all of the advantages mentioned and the models listed on this article. You will surely find one that fits your needs and your budget.


Buying Guide for the Best Sit Stand Desk

Men and women required to do desk jobs all day often complain of aching legs and back by the end of their shift. If not treated immediately, these can lead to even more serious conditions.

The best possible solution for this is to remain mobile. Alternating between a seated and standing position while at work is a good way to prevent leg and back conditions, insufficient blood circulation, and stiffness.

Changing your desk positions throughout your working hours presents more benefits for you—you will feel more energetic towards work, more alert and productive.

Flexibility in your work positions can be done through a quality sit stand desk. If you’re in the market for standing desks, let my handy guide on the fixture provide essential insights on the matter.

Types of Sit Stand Desks

The standing desk allows users to stand at their desk with the computer monitor and the keyboard lifted into a standing position. Using a standing desk is a good way to stay mobile throughout workdays.

The sit stand desk gained ground in the mid-2000s when treadmill desks become a trend among health-conscious professionals. With the benefits of the treadmill desk in mind, various standing desk manufacturers started to push their products forward, espousing its benefits.

Thanks to advanced technology, consumers have plenty to choose from. There is a standing desk out there that will capably meet your needs and budget.

Listed below are the different types of standing desks in Australia.

1. Standing desk conversion kit

The standing desk conversion kit typically lies on top of the desk to support a standing position. It is one of the most affordable sit stand desk options in the market today. It can be switched from a seated position into a standing one with minimal effort. Most standing desk conversion kits can accommodate a maximum of 15 kg.

2. Manual standing desk

Manual standing desks can be adjusted by using a crank lifting mechanism. They are also equipped with customisable options so you can match it with your office or home interior. They can be modified easily from sitting to standing position. This type of desk also comes in a wider range of desktop sizes to further accommodate your workspace preferences.

3. Electric standing desk

Electric standing desks are referred to as the best, most advanced form of sit stand desks. This type though is the most expensive—prices for electric standing desk models vary from $800 to as high as $3,000. Typical features of an electric sit and stand desk include touch-button adjustments as height settings, good load capacity and roomy work surfaces. Since this is the electric kind, it does require a power source that is close to your workspace.

4. DIY/Homemade Standing Desk

DIY (do it yourself) or homemade sit and stand desks can be made from different items, from sturdy wood blocks, thick boxes, milk crates, even a stack of books. These items are positioned on the desk to raise the computer monitor and keyboard into the standing position.

This is the most affordable solution but it has its fair share of problems. Weight capacity and the strength of these DIY standing desks are the usual concerns involved with this option.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Sit Stand Desk

Standing desks come in a broad selection of types and costs. Don’t just purchase the first adjustable desk that you’ll see online. Make excellent buying decisions by remembering these essential factors.

  • Width

Consider the space available in your workspace and your working style. The space of your desk will not only accommodate all of your office items and computer set-up but the sit stand desk fixture as well.

Sit and stand desks are available on lots of sizes and forms. Select the one which accommodates the remaining room in your workspace and your working style.

  • Depth

The majority of standing desks are designed with 30-inch depth. To reduce discomfort at work like eye strain, always pick a model that has a 30-inch depth or more.

  • Adjustment mechanisms

The best adjustment mechanisms for standing desks according to experts include pneumatic and electric options particularly if you want to adjust your desk’s height often.

Pneumatic models operate using a hydraulic gas cylinder and can be raised effortlessly through manual means. Electric standing desk models can be budged with just one push of a button and offer a wider selection of load capacities.

The crank adjustment option meanwhile functions through a mechanical crank lift which is rotated by hand. Remember, the adjustment levels for this one is limited.

  • Maximum weight/load capacity

Standing desks each present a specific load or weight capacity and majority of these fixtures have enough strength to accommodate standard desktop bits and pieces. If you plan on using more items on your workspace, you have to consider the weight capacity of the sit stand desk model you’re after.

  • Noise

Standing desks with motors often churn out noise during changes in position—some can get pretty noisy while some are relatively quiet. Noise is not that much a concern if you’re working at home, your own office or a private location.

However, for open or communal spaces, the noise of these desks may irritate sensitive workmates. If you are working in an office with several people, don’t forget to look for models that operate with less noise.

  • Ease and speed of conversion

When it comes to lifting and lowering desks, standing desk models vary in many ways. As mentioned earlier, the most popular choices among standing desks are electric or pneumatic options. These two options are also easiest to use and the quickest to operate.

  • Power

This is a factor to keep in mind if you are considering electric sit stand models. You have to guarantee that you have convenient access to electricity. If the area you work at frequently experiences power interruptions, you may be better off with a manual model.

  • Programmability

High-tech sit and stand adjustable desks often come with programmable features which makes setting up appropriate ergonomics an easier, faster task.

  • Price

Adjustable standing desks come in many types so the prices for this fixture varies as well. The most affordable ones are the desk conversion kits and if you have DIY/carpentry skills yourself, you can design and create your own. Electric desks are the most expensive option to date, but the best ones do make excellent investments. On top of that, look for manufacturers that provide at least a year warranty for an electric standing desk in case the motor breaks down for whatever reasons.

The wider price selection allows us to purchase a model that will easily suit our needs and budget. Do your homework by researching on models and asking around what brands and models are great for a specific budget.

FAQs on Sit Stand Desk

1. Are standing desk healthier?

Working in just one position—sitting, that is, for 8 hours each day or even longer is not only harmful to your productivity but your health as well.

Research has already presented that sedentary positions are the primary instigators of specific health issues like diabetes, heart disease, obesity and pulmonary embolism.

However, studies have proven that changing positions while doing desk jobs through the day and staying mobile can help prevent work-related health conditions from happening. This is where the benefits of a sit stand desk enter the picture; it allows convenient transition from a sitting to a standing position.

2. How long should I stand at a standing desk?

If sitting for hours is considered unhealthy, so is standing for hours on end. Certain studies have determined that there is a compelling connection between jobs that require standing for hours and lower back pain.

Standing for an extended period of time can also have an impact on your leg’s tendons, muscles and connective tissues, leading to varicose veins. You can easily prevent these by changing between sitting and standing positions throughout the day. Make sure to stand at work for an hour per 1 to 2 hours of sitting.

3. How can I turn my desk into a standing desk?

Turning your current desk into the standing kind doesn’t mean you have to purchase a new one. There are sit stand desk models that allow users to utilise their current desk as is thru a standing desk converter.

For those who have carpentry or DIY skills, you have the choice to design and create your own dream standing desk set-up. There are readily-manufactured models available too which will suit your workspace preferences.

Popular choices for standing desk converter include sit stand riser platforms, frame-only standing desks, manual types and electric standing desk models.

4. Can I lose weight with a standing desk?

There are studies has shown standing can burn an additional 0.15 calories for each minute as compared to sitting. The numbers that resulted from the study are not sufficient enough to make people lose weight but it can significantly help in preventing weight gain.

Standing is still sounder compared to sitting but it should be supplemented with activities. Supplement your standing position with movements like shaking your legs and arms, bending and light stretching to maintain good circulation and remain energetic. Or you can pace around the office for a few minutes.