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Healthy Land was first launched in 2017 with the aim of helping Australians make good choices when buying home office and health products.

Our team of writers and product testers write about topics on ergonomics, health, recovery and fitness topics. We also produce buying guides and review articles where we review and evaluate products.

In Healthy Land, we have a dedicated team of an editor and experienced writers who want to make sure you get the best product recommendations. Our product testers borrow from the manufacturer/retailer directly or purchase many of the shortlisted physical products to provide reliable, unbiased and informative reviews.

Our reviews are based on a combination of product research, actual use of the product over a minimum of 2 weeks, going through the online purchase journey to analyse how easy it is to navigate the online shop and analyse customer feedback.

When we can’t test a product because of reasons like availability, time constraints, or other factors, our team relies on independent and unbiased research for their work.

How do we earn from running this website?
This website might receive commissions when you buy products or services through the affiliate links on our pages. We don’t let our choices be influenced by these affiliate partnerships, and we would never give a positive review to a product we don’t genuinely support based on our research.

When you click on the affiliate links on this website and buy the products, we may receive referral fees from the company that sells the product.

Clicking on an affiliate link won’t result in any additional cost to you; instead, the earnings we receive come from the manufacturer/retailer’s marketing budget.

Being a part of these networks makes it possible to support our team of writers and to be able to purchase products to test.

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