9 Reasons Why a Massage Gun is a Worthy Investment
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9 Reasons Why a Massage Gun is a Worthy Investment

Massage guns have been ubiquitous in the past year making it hard to choose which model is the best for you. However, have you paused for one second and asked if massage guns are really worth it? Is it even effective or is the internet just telling you that it is?

What is a Massage Gun?

A massage gun is a handheld device that produces percussive or vibration therapy. The attachment head (which is often changeable) vibrates with different intensity levels. When you press the head to the muscle, it helps reinforce recovery, relaxation, and blood circulation.

There are many types of massage guns. By now, you’ve seen the likes of TheraGun, Exerscribe, RecoverFun, and other brands telling you why and how their model works. Despite being different brands, the purpose of a massage gun is simple – to give instant and convenience muscle improvement in the comfort of your home.

Massage guns work a lot like massage therapy in such a way that they focus on helping your muscles recover and relax. However, don’t think that massage guns are the best solution when treating muscle injuries.

You will still need a therapist for improving your mobility when you came from an injury or a trauma. You can also ask your physical therapist on how you can maximise the effects of your massage gun to complement your physical therapy.

9 Reasons Why a Massage Gun is Worth It

If you ever doubted a massage gun’s advantages, here is a list of all the benefits you can get if you invest in one now.

1. No need to go to the spa.

The spa is excellent and all, but with the pandemic, it’s hard to go out. Even when you can go to a spa, prices have gone higher and you have to book in advance.

When you have a massage gun, you don’t need to go outside of your house to feel relaxed and soothed. All you have to do is turn on the massage gun to your desired intensity and turn on some relaxing music.

2. Save on gas, transportation, and time.

Sure, a massage gun is an investment but it’s still a lot cheaper than regularly going to spas and massage salons. With just one purchase, you eliminate your transportation fees, spa fees, and tips you give to your masseuse. In the long run, you save a lot of everything with just a small device.

3. Relax your muscles.

The main purpose of a massage gun is to relax your muscles. Most devices give deep tissue massage that help relaxed tensed and knotted muscles. Massage guns also have different attachment heads that help target different types of muscles. That way, your massage sessions can focus on specific areas of the body.

4. Reduce muscle pain.

You don’t have to be an athlete to get muscle pains. Even if you’re just working out at home, there are times when your muscles feel sore for days. That’s when a massage gun is going to be very useful. Reduce muscle pain by targeting areas with overworked muscles.

If you’re wondering how massage guns can reduce pain, it’s through percussive therapy. Percussive therapy produces signals in your body that will tell the brain that the pain is being managed. That way, you are able to tolerate the soreness a little better.

5. Improved performance.

Everybody wants to improve. Whether it’s in their game or their mobility, people want to feel that they are getting better and healthier. A massage gun can help with that since it boosts your recovery from the last strenuous activity. Sure, you will still some muscle soreness, but it will be manageable. You’ll even improve your recovery rate.

6. You can bring it anywhere.

Except for a few models that aren’t portable, massage guns can be brought anywhere you like. A lot of brands are making portable and rechargeable massage guns so that you can bring them to the gym, sports arena, or even the office. Most brands also come with a carrying case that stores the extra batteries, charger, and attachment heads.

7. Instant muscle relief.

The great thing about massage guns is that you can have instant muscle relief anywhere. There’s no need for you to go out or book an appointment. If you feel sore, you can just grab your massage gun and target it on the muscle that feels tight or tense. In just 15 minutes, you’ll already feel the difference.

8. Target specific areas.

Most massage guns have at least 2-3 attachment heads included in the bag. This means that you can easily change the attachment head in order to target the right muscle. Now, you have an all-around device that can target your whole body.

9. Improve blood flow.

Everyone keeps telling you that you need to improve your blood circulation. Good news – the massage gun can do that for you, too! Massage guns’ percussion movements help improve blood circulation. This way, your muscles receive more oxygen regularly since you can also use the massage gun every day.

A Note on Massage Guns

With all these benefits, it’s impossible to be unimpressed by the newest massage device of the season. Doctors and physical therapists have approved of it, so there’s no reason for you to believe that it doesn’t work. However, a massage gun shouldn’t always be thought as the answer to all your health problems.

Doctors believe that massage guns improve blood flow and help reduce muscle tension but it’s not the solution if you are coming from an injury. Sure, massage guns can reduce pain and help relax the muscles, but you also need to complement this with physical therapy.

In much the same way, massage guns aren’t solutions for weight loss. That’s not even part of their benefits. Again, if you want to be healthy and fit, it’s going to take more than just a few minutes of using a massage gun. A well-exercised and fed body coupled with massage therapy is still the best combination for a healthier you.

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