Best Inversion Tables to Buy in Australia – The Ultimate Review

Inversion tables are exceptional devices that allow people to manage a host of back problems. These tables allow the person to assume a reverse-Trendelenburg position. This helps improve the flow of blood from the extremities so that they will reach the heart in a more efficient manner. It works on the principle of gravity, allowing the spine to increase the space in between the discs. Inversion tables are, thus, helpful in reducing back pain and improving the health of the spine.

Here are three best inversion tables in Australia that you might be interested in to help improve the health of your back.

Teeter Contour L5 Premium Inversion Table

The Contour L5 is a professional-grade inversion table that boasts of heavy-duty construction for improved stability and durability. It comes with several unique features including EZ-Reach Ankle system, One-Click Balance, and EZ-Angle Tether Straps. The table itself is comfortable enough to lay on while the secure features come with optimum safety in mind.

Managing your back pains and lower limb health concerns should be easy with the Contour L5. This is something that I am sure those in rehabilitation clinics would also use for their respective patients.

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Why I Chose It

One-Click Balancing Adjustment

Since inversion tables operate like a see-saw, it’s imperative that one finds the correct balance relative to his or her centre of gravity. So if I were taller, my centre will be a bit different than if I were shorter. The good thing with the Contour L5 is that it comes with a One-Click Balance mechanism. This is a feature that allows me to make adjustments to the balance point.

Preset Rotation Controls

One thing I love about this inversion table is the integration of a mechanism that allows me to make easy adjustments to the angle of the platform. While I would have preferred if there were more preset angle settings, the current values of 20, 40, and 60 degrees are sufficient. I don’t have to worry about setting the angle right.

Premium-quality Design and Construction

You’ve got to love the durable construction of the Contour L5 Premium. I know I do. The frame boasts of aerospace-grade stainless steel and not your ordinary metal. The way the front legs curve outwards is also noteworthy as it makes it super easy to get on and off the table.

Things to Consider

A Bit Pricey

I fully understand why the Contour L5 Premium Inversion Table also comes with a premium price. With its robust construction, safe design, and no-nonsense features, the price tag is quite spot-on. Unfortunately, some folks may not find it appealing since there are other inversion tables that they can get with the same quality construction and feature set for half the price.

BFE Inversion Plus Table

With a wider stance, the BFE Inversion Plus Table is a great piece of furniture for managing back pains and other health issues of the lower extremities. It comes with a simple design that can accommodate persons as short as 1.47 metres to as tall as 1.98 metres. There are several features that are worth anybody’s consideration.

My only concern is that it can still be pricey. Don’t get me wrong. The BFE comes with the fine qualities of a good inversion table. But to enjoy the benefits of inversion therapy, you’ve got to shell out several hundreds of dollars for it. For most of us, maybe it’s not that too big a deal. However, there are some who may find it a little out of their reach. It’s still a good inversion table, though.

Why I Chose It

Wide Inversion Range

Unlike other inversion tables that come with a very limited range, the BFE boasts of a full 180-degree inversion design. This is perfect for those who want to lie down inverted in a near-vertical position. I don’t recommend this, though, unless you have someone else standing right beside you.

Secure Locking Mechanism

One of the things I look for in an inversion table is its secure locking mechanism. I really wouldn’t want to be lying upside down, then swinging haplessly. At least, the locking lever makes it easy for me to secure my position without causing more pain on my back.

Durable Frame Construction

What I love about the BFE Inversion Plus is the wider stance of its frame. It’s about 75 centimetres wide. By comparison, the Contour L5 only comes with a 70.6 centimetre-wide frame. For me, the additional 4 centimetres or so of width guarantees greater stability. The frame itself is also constructed of high-quality steel in stunning black finish.

Things to Consider


The BFE has a friendlier price than the Contour L5 Premium. However, you’d still be spending several hundreds of dollars for this piece of spinal decompression furniture. For most folks, the price is within range. Still, it may not be for everyone.

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Genki Heavy Duty Folding Inversion Table

If you’re on the lookout for an affordable yet robust inversion table, the Genki Heavy Duty Folding Inversion table is a great choice. It’s one of the most affordable inversion tables on the market that still manages to pack in a few neat features. Genki is tossing a massage lumbar belt to make the inversion therapy experience more pleasant.

There’s one minor issue for me, though. As budget-friendly and durable the Genki is, its narrow frame means wider-framed individuals may not be able to use it. This is such a shame since the device already comes with the bells and whistles of a trustworthy inversion table.

Why I Chose It

Great Value for Your Money

The Genki will only cost you less than a couple hundred dollars. It has a solid steel frame and an ankle-holding mechanism for a more secure inversion therapy session. There are adjustable features, too, giving the Genki exceptional value. It’s perfect for individuals who want to reap the many benefits of inversion therapy, but are not ready yet to shell out a large sum of money.

Fully-adjustable Features

The Genki features fully-adjustable headrest, backrest, and angle adjustment. It comes with one more adjustment angle than the Contour L5. This is perfect for accommodating any size of individual. The problem, of course, is that the frame itself is a bit on the narrow side of things.

Extra Massage Lumbar Belt

While this is not an important component of an inversion table, I find it to be an excellent plus. Lying upside down is not physiologically normal. With the massage belt on, I’d be able to feel more relaxed while undergoing the therapy.

Things to Consider

Quite Narrow Width of Frame

With a frame width of only 56.5 centimetres, the Genki is too narrow for my liking. It’s great if you are as slim as Kate Moss or the Angels of Victoria’s Secret. But the truth is most of us don’t have that body frame. As such, it may have excellent value for your money, but its narrow stance limits the Genki’s use to slimmer and lighter people.

Inversion table are devices that can help you manage your back problems. For those who don’t have issues in their spine, inversion tables can also help improve one’s flexibility. This is a good equipment to have for those who want to maintain optimum health while addressing issues of the back.

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Ironman Gravity 4000 Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table

The Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion Table is an affordable inversion table that gives you a bang for your buck. With a retail price of $200, it comes out as half the price of the Teeter Contour Inversion Table. But even if it’s affordable, this inversion table does what it’s supposed to do while not getting easily broken. Although there are some plastic parts that might need to be replaced later on, everything else works well.

Why I Chose It


A high-grade inversion table costs around $400 while the Ironman Gravity 4000 only costs $200. You would think that a cheaper alternative will be of low quality, but the latter does not disappoint. With just half the price, you can still feel pretty comfortable on the table. You won’t even have the worry that you’ll fall off in spite of what other people say.

Easy to Understand Manual

Another thing I love about this product is the manual. Unlike other inversion table manuals, this one is straightforward and very easy to understand. It’s so easy that you don’t need any help to set it up. You don’t even need the explanations.

Comfortable Ankle Sleeves

If you’re in search of comfortable ankle sleeves, then the Ironman Gravity 4000 is your best pick. The ankle sleeves are so soft and comfy that you won’t feel hurt at all. Even when you’re at 180 degrees or more, your ankles will still feel like they’re taken care of.

Things to Consider

Plastic Parts

One of the areas where this product fell short is the plastic parts. The plastic parts were the only ones that made me feel worried about my safety. So if you easily get nervous with these things, you might want to replace them with metal ones.


Ironically, the first bad thing you’ll notice is the packaging. The packaging is so generic and loose that you might wonder if any part was damaged during the shipping process. Although there’s a lot of polystyrene blocks, they weren’t enough to keep the parts intact.

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