Best Inversion Tables to Buy in Australia 2021 – The Ultimate Review

Inversion tables are exceptional devices that allow people to manage a host of back problems. These tables allow the person to assume a reverse-Trendelenburg position. This helps improve the flow of blood from the extremities so that they will reach the heart in a more efficient manner. It works on the principle of gravity, allowing the spine to increase the space in between the discs. Inversion tables are, thus, helpful in reducing back pain and improving the health of the spine.

Here are the best inversion tables in Australia that you might be interested in to help improve the health of your back. Do keep in mind though, that you should consult with your doctor if inversion table is a good option for you.

RankModel ImageModel NameUser Height RangeMax User WeightWhere to Buy

Lifespan Fitness Quantum 2 Inversion Table

130cm - 190 cm125 kgCheck Price

Everfit Inversion Table

130 cm - 180 cm120 kgCheck Price on Amazon AU

GENKI Heavy Duty Inversion Table

147 cm - 198 cm150 kgCheck Price on Amazon AU

Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Table

147 cm -198 cm136 kgCheck Price on Amazon AU

Fortis 180° Inversion Table

147cm - 198 cm120 kgCheck Price on Amazon AU

IRONMAN Gravity 4000 Inversion Table

Up to 198 cm158 kgCheck Price on Amazon AU

Best Fitness Inversion Therapy Table

150 cm - 200 cm136 kgCheck Price on Amazon AU


Lifespan Fitness Quantum 2 Inversion Table

The Lifespan inversion table has a “deluxe” cushioning and lumbar support pad to protect your back during inversion. This equipment is also capable of 180 degrees inversion.

Why I Chose It

Full Inversion

Not all inversion tables can reach 180 degrees – but this one can! The inversion is completely under the control of the user and can be adjusted in small increments so you’ll be able to find the perfect angle that prevents any pain. With inversion, you can get all the benefits that come with therapy like improved blood flow, reduced compression fatigue, and relieving back pain.

Easy Assemble

It’s fairly easy to assemble thanks to the manual that comes with the packaging. You might need some tools to put this thing together, but other than that – the process should be done in just an hour.

Durable Build

Made from heavy duty steel, the Quantum 2 Inversion Table looks and feels reliable. It stands sturdily on all fours, providing sufficient support for the user. In fact, the device can handle as much as 125 kilograms in weight and can be adjusted for different heights. Users measuring 130 to 190 centimeters can use this effectively. The beauty here is that the bench comes inscribed with measurements so you don’t have to measure and adjust. Just lock the bench into your height and get ready for inversion.

Made for Comfort

Additional padding provides extra lumbar support. The bench itself is extra-long, giving ample support on the head and neck. The grips and ankles are also padded so you shouldn’t experience any pain even when inverted.

Automatic Security

There’s this LeverLock system featured with the product which basically means that when using the item, you can hear an assuring “click” that means that everything has been locked. This is a great alternative to the typical “nuts and bolts” tightening which takes time and doesn’t really provide assurance.

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Everfit Inversion Table

The Everfit Inversion Table is manufactured by the well-known brand, Everfit. It produces many quality workout equipment, so I was excited to give this a go as soon as it was available for purchase. True to its brand value, the inversion table provides very good value for money. Even though it is on the more affordable end, Everfit did not skim on the material used to make this inversion table.

Why I Chose It

Adequate Support & Comfort

The thoughtful design of having a wider than normal high-density foam padded backrest offers not only comfort but enough support to your body too. In addition, the Everfit Inversion Table comes with a removable lumbar support cushion for additional comfort should you need it.

Durable Material

As mentioned, the manufacturer does not skim on the materials. This inversion table is made of rust-proof material and sturdy frame. The frame of an inversion table should be stable enough to support the weight of a person safely. The Everfit’s frame is made of steel coated with industrial strength powder, which makes it very durable to wear and tear.

Safety Design

Being an inversion table, it must be able to withstand the 180-degree inversion range whilst maintaining safety features in place. A safety belt and ankle lock clamp are available for use and for safety purposes to ensure you are securely in position throughout the inversion. The Everfit also comes with a pair of U-frame handles for firm grip and ensuring you can easily grab and return to upright position when inverted. It also comes with non-slip rubber feet to maintain stability.


To accommodate the different height of users, the height is fully adjustable as the inversion table is suitable for users between 130 cm to 180 cm. It is also adjustable with 3 pre-set locking positions. A plus for this inversion table is that it is foldable so it can be easily stored and space saving too.

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GENKI Heavy Duty Inversion Table

The GENKI Inversion Table lives up to its name bring heavy duty. The frame itself is a solid piece of steel frame, which is constructed from heavy duty frame capable of accommodating user weight up to 150 kg. Like Everfit, Genki is a well-known manufacturer of fitness equipment. There is no need for extra words as the quality is showcased in every piece of equipment made by Genki.

Why I Chose It

Easy to Clean

With regular usage, it is normal for the inversion table to get dirty over time. Thankfully, the Genki Inversion table mat is made of waterproof PVC. So, cleaning takes very little effort. Just need to wipe with a clean wet cloth over it and the mat will be as good as new. That’s not the only place that can be easily cleaned, the lumbar belt for back support can also be cleaned the same way as it also made of PVC material, which is waterproof.

Removable Lumbar Massage Belt

While getting into the lumbar belt, I must say that this is lumbar belt is not your regular one because it is a heating massage lumbar belt. Yes, you read that right. It can do heat massages, not to mention it is removable too. So, if you do not want to have it while being inverted, you can remove it. It is also easily controllable with a wired controller attached to the belt.

Thoughtful Features

Genki is very thoughtful when it comes to position adjustments. Adjustable safety pins are in place for easy positioning. Moreover, there are 4 positions to choose from for accommodating to different users. User height can range from 147 cm up to 198 cm, which is easily adjustable.

Ergonomic Design

Besides those, U-shaped handles, which is extra-long is a plus for the Genki. This is to ensure safe return to upright position with added comfort from the fully padded handle. Not forgetting to mention, Genki produces ergonomically designed products. The ergonomic ankle cushions limit the pressure on ankles during inversion. And adjustable headrest fully supports the head while being inverted. This inversion table is also foldable for easy storage, which is a plus for anyone living in a home with limited space.

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Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Table

The Innova ITX9600 inversion table is one of the popular inversion table in the market. It has many sought-after features and some unique ones too. Nevertheless, it is one solid looking equipment, which is a good addition to your home.

Why I Chose It


The Innova inversion table comes with a large backrest pad and adjustable headrest pad for extreme comfort. These are very much needed especially during an inversion. The soft foam wrapped handles are a plus for added comfort during the switch to upright position as you would not want to have blisters on your hands from pulling yourself upright.

True Balance System

This system is made up of a three-adjustment structure. The headrest pad, height, and foot can be adjusted to get to the true balance centre of gravity. This is a great and unique feature as it provides the user an easy, smooth, and comfortable experience during inversion.

Advanced Ankle Holding System

The Innova inversion table also makes use of an ergonomic and reversable ankle holding system. This allows the user to customise whichever option the user wants. Whether to have the foam rollers facing rear or front, it is entirely up to the user for comfort.

6 Angles Pin System

 This angle adjustment system is the innovation brought into the manufacturing of inversion table. Not only there are 6 different angles to choose from, the pin system is safe and consistent. Unlike the older models of inversion tables using simple system that require users to get out of the inversion table every time to adjust for comfort and desired angle.

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Fortis 180-degree Inversion Table

The Fortis inversion table is like a no-nonsense inversion table. It does not have fancy features that screams this is cool. But it has all the features you need for it to be a good inversion table.

Why I Choose It


It is in an affordable price point and you get what you paid for. It is a sturdy piece of equipment that does what it was meant for. The table capable of 180 degrees inversion can help to reduce back and spinal pain. This is because of increased blood flow and oxygen via inversion of some degrees.


The Fortis inversion table has a user weight capacity of up to 120 kg, which is not mind-blowing, but it is sufficient for most. Its frame is made of high-quality steel, so it is a stable one. It also has an ankle locking system with a long control stick, so you do not need to bend yourself too low to lock the ankles in.

Bright Colour

Fortis is usually good with their choice of colours. This bright orange inversion table is hard to miss, and I love bright colours. It is a good option if you want a pop of colour in the corner of your room.

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Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion Table

The Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion Table is an affordable inversion table that gives you a bang for your buck. But even if it’s affordable, this inversion table does what it’s supposed to do while not getting easily broken.

Why I Chose It


You would think that a cheaper alternative will be of low quality, but the Ironman inversion table does not disappoint. You can still feel comfortable on the table. You won’t even have the worry that you’ll fall off despite what most people worry about getting on an inversion table.

Easy to Understand Manual

Another thing I love about this product is the manual. Unlike other inversion table manuals, this one is straightforward and very easy to understand. It’s so easy that you don’t need any help to set it up. You don’t even need the explanations.

Comfortable Ankle Sleeves

If you’re in search of comfortable ankle sleeves, then the Ironman Gravity 4000 is your best pick. The ankle sleeves are so soft and comfy that you won’t feel hurt at all. Even when you’re at 180 degrees, your ankles will still feel like they’re taken care of.

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Best Fitness Inversion Therapy Table

The Best Fitness inversion table is not the most good-looking inversion table in the market. But it is still a good one as it can fit users with height from 150 cm to 200 cm, one of the inversion tables that can accommodate very tall people.

Why I Chose It

Foldable Design

The Best Fitness inversion table has a foldable design. It makes use of the two-pin collapse and fold design so you can easily fold it away after you are done. Considering the inversion table is not a compact one when fully unfolded, the foldable design is a good feature for people who lives in a small apartment.

Safety Grips

For safety purposes, the Best Fitness features a spring-loaded safety strap to make sure the user is fully strapped in during inversion. The ankle cuffs are also adjustable for safety purposes, and they also provide comfort as they are foam-padded.

Long Handles

While most inversion tables have U-shaped handles, the Best Fitness’ handle is very much like the U-shaped handles except they are close-looped. This will make it easier for users to return to upright position from being inverted.

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