Can You Lose Weight with a Treadmill Desk?
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Can You Lose Weight with a Treadmill Desk?

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, about 12.5 million adults are overweight or obese. Sedentary lifestyles, particularly at work, are often the culprit. And so, some suggest the use of treadmill desks as a solution. However, can you lose weight with a treadmill desk?

Yes, a treadmill desk can help you win the weight gain fight. But, calorie consumption is also vital while using this fitness equipment.

That means you need to take in a wholesome diet and do regular exercises. Proper use of a treadmill desk is also key to successful weight loss.

Read the rest of the article to learn more. Plus, get tips to optimise your treadmill desk station.

What is a Treadmill Desk?

The treadmill desk includes a desk and treadmill fixed together into a workstation. It is designed for users to walk at a moderately slow pace while at work. It promotes exercise and movement among users, resulting in energy boost, improved mental health and a higher level of productivity.

Many office workers appreciate the treadmill desk since it allows them to be active while finishing daily office tasks. Even celebrities have gotten the hang of the device. Late-night show host Jimmy Kimmel, for instance, used a treadmill desk in his office back in 2012.

NBC weatherman Al Roker has a treadmill desk in his office to maintain his weight, apart from cycling. Acclaimed American novelist John Grisham also uses an iMovR treadmill desk when working on his writing. Fellow author Susan Orlean is all praises for the fitness machine, too.

While many find this fitness equipment fantastic, the question remains: can you lose weight with a treadmill desk?

Well, first things first. You have to learn how to use it properly to reach your weight loss goals. More importantly, you need to stay motivated and use it regularly.

Benefits of a Treadmill Desk

People today are not exercising enough to maintain fitness and health. That is why many individuals, particularly those who do a lot of desk work, use a treadmill desk. Here are some of the gains you get from using one.

1. Reduces Stress and Improves Mood

Walking discharges feel-food hormones called endorphins. A burst of endorphins makes us feel better and less stressed out.

2. Maintains a Healthy Body Weight

Can you lose weight with a treadmill desk? Walking at a moderate pace might not shed off a lot of pounds. But it helps maintain healthier body weight. You can burn more calories by walking for a longer time.

3. Decreases Blood Pressure Levels

Walking helps lower blood pressure. Health experts recommend walking at least half an hour every day. Try to walk 2-3 times a day for 10 to 15 minutes to start a habit.

4. Reduces Type 2 Diabetes Risks

Walking helps lower blood glucose and, if done daily, reduces the risk of acquiring type 2 diabetes.

5. Keeps the Bones Strong

One of the best ways to maintain strong bones is through low-bearing exercises like walking or climbing the stairs. You can do this at work through your walking routine on the treadmill desk. Make sure to keep your body straight throughout.

6. Boosts Productivity

We now know the answer to the question, can you lose weight with a treadmill desk. But can it improve one’s productivity?

A study done by the University of Minnesota shows that workers who do their tasks while walking become more productive. Walking also improved their overall mental performance and time management capabilities.

In the next part of this article, we discuss the steps you need to master treadmill desk usage and burn away calories.

How to Lose Weight Using a Treadmill Desk

Many people ask, can you lose weight with a treadmill desk? According to health experts, people need 150 minutes of moderate to intense physical activity to maintain a healthy weight. This regimen also reduces the risks of high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases.

One study suggests that a treadmill desk can help you in that regard. Here, research head Dr James Levine, a Mayo Clinic endocrinologist and the inventor of the treadmill desk, discovered that using a treadmill desk for 12 months improved daily activities and weight.

The doctor also made another study using subjects from a finance and human resources staffing company in Minneapolis. This research has a small number of participants, though. Still, findings show that they lost weight and had lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels after using a treadmill desk daily for 3 hours for six months.

We can both agree that long-term studies on a larger scale are necessary to establish the positive advantages of the treadmill desk. But, one thing is sure. If you have a treadmill desk or intend to purchase one for weight loss, you have to use it regularly.

In addition, the weight an individual can lose while using a treadmill desk can differ from one person to another. What the person does outside of the treadmill desk is a factor that can still influence weight loss.

Furthermore, remember that you can boost results if you spend more time walking on a treadmill desk. Allotting at least 2-3 hours a day on the desk, for example, can ensure success.

Expect even better results if you combine treadmill desk use with a healthy diet and exercise on the weekends or after work.


6 Tips to Optimise Your Treadmill Desk Workstation

Can you lose weight with a treadmill desk? Yes, we think you can, as long as you know how to use it correctly and set it up into a space where work and fitness can co-exist. Here are more tips for a good treadmill desk workout.

1. Take It Easy

Just because you have finally acquired a quality treadmill desk doesn’t mean you have to use it for 8 hours straight the first time. Get the hang of it first and determine a pace that works for you.

Walk for a bit and if you notice that you are getting tired, revert to a sitting position for a rest. The beginner goal for treadmill desk users is to accomplish six 30-minute sessions per day.

Match your exercise duration with your stamina. Then, add more time to your sessions as you progress until you get to the 6/30 target.

2. Increase Walking Speed

The answer to the question, “can you lose weight with a treadmill desk” involves taking correct steps. If you are a beginner, do a moderate walking pace first. You can start at 1.6 to 3.2 kph or at a comfortable pace that promotes movement without making yourself tired.

Remember that the speed of a treadmill desk takes some getting used to. At first, you may feel the added activity of walking while doing desk jobs is a distraction.

If you are concerned about this and want to increase your walking speed eventually, you can supplement your treadmill desk with a SteadyType keyboard tray.

3. Improve the Angle of the Deck

To burn more calories, you have to walk fast to increase your heart rate. However, this can be distracting while finishing office tasks. It may even put you off treadmill desks.

So, if you aim to burn lots of calories without walking rapidly, consider positioning casters at the front part of the treadmill.

A change in the angle of the deck can help increase your body’s capability to burn those calories. As a bonus, the device will utilise gravity to decrease energy consumption.

4. Remain Cool and Hydrated

Thermogenesis happens when you put more physical effort into walking and your body temperature increases. An increase in body temperature leads to sweating to cool down the body.

If you have finally gotten the hang of your treadmill desk, you might have increased your walking speed. In this case, always have your water bottle ready and drink up when needed to keep your body cool.

You can also get a tower fan to stay dry and comfortable. These should prevent the premature onset of fatigue, too.

5. Eat at Your Desk

It is crucial not to skip your meals while doing your treadmill desks routine. This tip is particularly vital for individuals with diabetes or pre-diabetes. Eating while walking helps prevent blood sugar levels from shooting up.

It also helps convert calories into energy instead of fat. Make sure not to let food crumbs or beverage spills land on the belt of the treadmill desk, though.

6. Stand More Often

At the start, you might get tired from walking, so take a rest and sit down for a while. However, sitting is not the only way to rest and relax.

If you have a standing desk with your treadmill desk, stop the belt from rolling and stand while working. If the surface of the treadmill desk feels uncomfortable, consider using a quality standing mat.

Familiarise yourself with the workings of a treadmill desk, and eventually, you will find a pace that will suit your weight loss goals. Tasks that need complete focus, like editing and writing, will become easier once you have adapted yourself to the whole setup.



Can you lose weight with a treadmill desk? We can conclude that using one helps with weight loss. In addition, it also lowers blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Without a doubt, a treadmill desk is good for your overall health and work productivity.

Informative Q&A

1. Where can I use treadmill desks?

We often see and use treadmill desks at workstations or offices. However, you can also use it in other settings. For example, a treadmill desk suits your study room or crafting area at home. You can also use it during light gaming activities, workshops and meetings.

2. Does a treadmill desk damage flooring?

Treadmill desks are heavy and can leave grooves and marks on the floor or carpeting. It can scratch the floor as well if the base moves or slides. So, look for treadmill desks with high-quality wheels, non-slip pads, polyurethane wheels/finishes or high-quality materials.

Keep in mind that a heavier treadmill desk is hard to lift and carry. So, consider its weight when getting one if you plan to use it from room to room.

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