Unafraid of Heights? Try Aerial Yoga

Gyms are reopening in Australia. With this new lease for activity, many Aussies are trying things they’ve never done before, just in case another lockdown happens. If you’re looking for some additional excitement in your life and stay in shape at the same time, why not try aerial yoga?

What’s aerial yoga?

Aerial yoga is exactly what it sounds. It is yoga done while a person is suspended in the air, usually by long cloths suspended from the ceiling. Using these cloths, you will be supporting yourself on your hands and feet while trying to do certain positions.

What are the benefits of aerial yoga?

Aerial yoga has the same benefits as traditional yoga. It gives you the ability to strengthen your body and improve your balance for overall health. The stretching and bending postures of aerial yoga also translate to better flexibility and perhaps even a way of massaging and promoting your body’s blood flow.

Aerial yoga is a bit more difficult than traditional yoga in that it requires you to really focus on a posture in order to perfect it. Functioning much like meditation, aerial yoga has a way of sharpening your mind and relieving stress.

Do I always need to be suspended in the air?

The goal of aerial yoga is to eventually help each student find their balance on the cloth swing while a few feet above the floor. However, it doesn’t start this way. The yoga starts off as a typical yoga lesson with both your feet planted firmly on the ground.

The cloth is simply incorporated as a means of support while you attempt to assume certain postures. As time goes, each move becomes more complicated until you manage to balance yourself using the cloth.

Will aerial yoga help me lose weight?

Yes, definitely. Aerial yoga has the double benefit of cardio and muscle training. Think of it as pole dancing but only using a swing instead of the pole. The postures will force you to gather strength from your core and lock muscles for better stability.

It can be safely said that as you get better with aerial yoga, many other activities become easier. If you choose to go back to regular yoga, the things you learned in aerial yoga will help you become better.

What should I wear with this exercise?

Aerial yoga should be done by someone wearing clothes that hug the body. This is important since you don’t want fabrics hanging from you as you suspend yourself from the ceiling. This will only ruin the move and perhaps make it harder for you to assume certain positions because your clothes get in the way.

Where to find aerial yoga classes?

Australia is home to many aerial yoga studios. A quick search should lead you to the right gym close by. Understand that aerial yoga is best done with the guidance of an expert, otherwise you might find yourself injured. The material used as well as its installation should also be sold because your full weight will be supported by the ceiling.