Try IMAX Cycling and Explore the Outdoors While Staying Indoors

For people who love outdoor cycling, the outdoor restrictions are an absolute nightmare. It can be very frustrating to have a well-equipped bicycle with nowhere to go. But thanks to technology, you can now experience an exciting and thrilling ride indoors.

Imax Cycling has been around for more than four years. Now that fitness studios are reopening with safety protocols in place, IMAX Cycling studios all across the globe are getting fully booked day in and day out.

IMAX Cycling is all about giving riders a full sensory workout experience indoors. Since it might take a while before cycling enthusiasts can do long-distance cycling, IMAX Cycling claims to be the next best thing.

With IMAX Cycling, it’s all about creating simulated riding experiences using an enormous screen and surround-sound system on full blast. If you can’t go outside, why not take nature indoors instead?

It’s an innovative workout idea that is now gaining popularity even to non-cycling enthusiasts who want to get a good sweat safely indoors.

What is IMAX Cycling?

Just like any spinning classes, IMAX Cycling is a group class held at a studio that is big enough to accommodate a 40-foot wide by 24-foot-inch Imax screen. Now that social distancing is the new norm, the cycles are installed at least 1.5 metres away from each and on all sides.

Although the cycles are in essence stationary in nature, the IMAX screen lets you experience an exhilarating indoor ride while enjoying scenic vistas of famous outdoor trails from all over the globe.

IMAX Cycling was developed by the IMAX company themselves. As more people are leaning towards the boutique fitness industry for effective and revolutionary workouts, IMAX developed its own spinning workout concept. 

This makes use of their technology and combining it with the power and intensity that can be derived from cycling outdoors and traditional spinning classes, too.

When the first few IMAX Cycling studios were launched in 2016, most studios had a 50-person capacity. However, during these times, we can only assume that studio owners can only set a 50% studio capacity per class.

What are the basics of IMAX Cycling?

The sceneries that are flashed on the huge screen ahead are arranged based on the workout and skill level of its members. One minute, you’re cycling along the Swiss Alps and the next thing you’re cycling happily in outer space.

The surround sound system adds to the magic and thrill that comes with IMAX Cycling. It’s definitely a workout experience that people should try, especially those who want to do something new to raise their health and fitness level despite the social distancing rules.

When it comes to the spinning workouts themselves, you need not worry. IMAX recruited some of the best spinning instructors around to formulate workouts that will help members burn hundreds of calories in just a single session.

The videos are strategically timed with the workout, in order to make cycling feel more natural. Fans of Imax Cycling are satisfied with the experience and their fitness results.

While there aren’t a lot of IMAX Cycling studios at the present time, the great demand for safe and effective workout routines will inspire the launch of more studios in the near future.