Top 5 Exercise Bikes for Beginners in Australia

Biking as a form of exercise has long been acknowledged by health and fitness experts as an effective way to stay fit and strong. However, in this pandemic era that we’re living in, people may not always have the chance to go outdoors and enjoy biking.

This is where exercise bikes will prove to be of great help especially for those who are looking to stay fit as they become work-at-home individuals.

Biking has plenty of health benefits, from cardiovascular fitness to improved muscle strength and flexibility – no wonder more people these days are looking for exercise bikes online. But which one to buy as a beginner? We’ve made the research for you so read further.

1. Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike

If you are the type of person who wants to exercise while also reading something on your iPad or watching the television, then a recumbent exercise bike would be a great option. Since it’s a “recumbent” bike, you can have the opportunity to ride while in a reclined position. This feature spells great comfort especially for beginners.

Its adjustable seat also caters to a wide range of users. Beginners have the convenience of being able to adjust the seat to their preferred position for a more comfortable pedaling. Its adjustment knobs that allow you to choose from different presets help guarantee that you can alter the intensity of your workout according to your preference or fitness level.

2. Ativafit Fan Exercise Upright Air Bike  

The ATIVA Fan exercise bike operates on the principle that the faster you bike, the harder resistance that you have to work on. This is made possible by its fan wheels that serve as its air resistance system.

This is helpful for beginners since they will have complete control over the intensity of their workout. In turn, beginners will less likely find themselves feeling so exhausted at the end of the workout.

This resistance system provides a sweet spot which means the biking routine won’t be too difficult nor too easy for beginners. Besides, its fan wheel also helps emit cool air and this translates to added comfort for beginners. It is also built with a heavy-duty steel frame to ensure greater durability even if you weigh up to 250 lbs.  

3. Famistar Exercise Indoor Cycling Stationary Bike

The Famistar exercise bike is also good for beginners as it features several options for adjustability. This way, beginners can adjust its intensity according to their needs and fitness level. It also has a resistance knob that allows you to stop the bike whenever you feel the need to.

It is equipped with a digital display that allows beginners to keep track of their time, speed, pulse and distance among others. This Famistar exercise bike also has a phone holder so you can still use your phone to watch a video or listen to your favorite music while exercising.

4. Gecau 440lbs Exercise Bike  

If your body weight is around 440 lbs then this exercise bike will be your great option. Its solid build makes it capable of catering to heavyweight users. If you are still a beginner in the world of fitness and would want to lose weight with the help of an exercise bike, opt for a Gecau exercise bike.

This has an emergency stop brake that serves as your safety precaution in case the bike spins too fast and you want to stop right away for some reason. Note that whether you’re a beginner or a professional, this Gecau exercise bike will be a great option.

5. Afully Indoor Exercise Bikes Stationary 

The seat of this exercise bike offers 4-way adjustability so everybody in your family can use it. It has an iPad holder to make it easy for one to watch videos while riding on this bike. It has a magnetic resistance system and spring shock absorption that allows it to perform quietly.

An individual can also adjust its setting to ensure it suits his fitness level. Its resistance pads do not require replacement. Its non-slip handle bars also have two-way adjustability, along with its adjustable seat that allows users to make adjustments according to their preferred dimensions.

A word of caution though for beginners: Always start slow and progress at the right pace. Aim for 15 mph and then increase your speed whenever you think your body is ready to do so. However, beginners mostly have an average cycling speed of 12mph. This speed allows you to cover distances of up to two miles.

At the end of your eighth week, you should be ready for a 10-mile ride. But, always remember that your personal all-out speed is not the same with others. So, never compare your achievements with someone else. Consult an expert first before starting on your biking routines.