Tips to Prevent Foggy Eyeglass When Wearing a Face Mask

Wearing a mask won’t be just a trend because the coronavirus is here. As mask-wearing becomes the new normal, people who have eyeglasses are wondering – how to prevent the lenses from fogging up when wearing a mask? Fortunately, there are several tips that can help to avoid fogging on your eyeglasses.

1. Put Your Glasses Over the Mask

One of the best hacks you can try is to simply put your glasses over your mask. This means that the bottom part of your eyeglasses should be holding the face mask down towards your cheeks. This closes the opening from the mask so that the fog droplets don’t rise up to your glasses.

2. Use a Mask with a Nose Bridge

Most masks have a pinchable nose bridge to better shape your nose and close off the nearby areas that are open. Similar to why you should put your eyeglasses over your mask, pinching the nose bridge part of the mask blocks the fog droplets from escaping. You can also just tape the nose bridge area to your nose to make it more secured.

3. Place a Sheet of Tissue Inside the Mask

While the sheet of tissue does not block droplets from escaping, it does absorb the droplets so that there are fewer that will escape from the mask. Simply put one sheet over your mouth and nose.

However, some people find this a little uncomfortable because the sheet of tissue is placed over the nose itself rather than inside the mask.

4. Wash with Soapy Water

It may sound absurd but when you leave soapy water to dry on your lenses, they form a film that will prevent your glasses from fogging. To do this, you have to create a mix of soap and water and clean your glasses.

Don’t rinse it, but just shake off the excess solution and let it air dry. You can also use a microfiber cloth to remove the excess moisture. Compared to the other tips, this process takes longer.

5. Fit Your Mask Properly

Whether it’s because you want to avoid fogging or want to keep yourself secure, your mask should always fit your face properly. The right way to wear a mask should not have spaces along the cheeks and under the chin.

The top should also cover up to the bridge of your nose. If your nostrils are peeking, then readjust it to cover your whole nose.

6. Use De-fogging Products

When all else fails, your last resort is to buy de-fogging products. These products are sold over the counter and are labeled as anti-fogging sprays. Some are in waxes or gels that you can put on your lenses.

The concept behind de-fogging products is creating a reaction between the fog droplets so that they disperse. Be careful not to use those that are for car windows because their formula can be too strong that they can break your lenses.

Foggy eyeglasses can be annoying especially if you have to wipe your lenses every single time. With these six hacks, you can go from a cold room to a warm room without seeing fog on your lenses.