The Best Ways to Boost Your Immune System to Prevent Coronavirus

Although coronavirus cases in Australia are slowly declining, it is still best to take precautions seriously, including washing your hands, social distancing, exercising, and getting adequate sleep to reduce your chances of catching the virus.

Sticking to a healthy diet, one that specifically enhances the immune system, is also a step that all citizens need to take as an effective means of protecting themselves from getting sick altogether. 

There are no research studies that pinpoint foods that could give full protection from COVID-19. Despite this, we all know that boosting the immune system enhances our body’s ability to ward off disease-causing bacteria and viruses from invading our systems.

There is a long list of measurements that one can take to strengthen the immune system and the body’s ability to fight infectious viruses such as COVID-19.  

Here are nine approved interventions that you can include in your daily wellness routine so that your body can be as healthy as it can be amidst the coronavirus pandemic: 

1. There is No Single Food Item That Delivers Full Protection from Full Protection from COVID-19 

If you are close to an infected person or a surface with coronavirus, it doesn’t matter how many oranges you eat in a day; you are still going to contract the virus eventually. It is a fact that malnutrition increases your vulnerability to getting infected.

Consequently, overloading your meals with “superfoods” like kale, berries, and seeds does not give you extra powers or added ability to ward off COVID-19. Variety is vital if you want to maintain a healthy and balanced diet and enhanced immune system function.  

2. Vitamin Supplementation is a Must 

Australians are always at the top when it comes to wellness. A majority of Aussies are conscious about their health and fitness, and it’s not surprising that a lot of COVID-19 patients recover quickly from the illness, while some are asymptomatic or suffered from mild symptoms only.  

To further protect your immune system, vitamin supplementation is a requirement. Apart from consuming immune system-boosting foods, it is essential to include supplements into the mix.  

Key vitamins that are proven to have positive effects in the immune system are Vitamins C, D, and Zinc. To get the right doses of these nutrients, you must take supplements in tablets or intravenous forms.  

3. Exercise Regularly, But Not Too Much 

Working out is one of the best ways to boost immune system function. Although this is true, it is also important to remember that excessive exercising can be stressful on the body and immune system, too. Keep your stress levels low by getting enough recovery in between workouts.  

4. Soak Up the Sun 

Our immune system needs Vitamin D to fight off viruses and other disease-causing germs. Although healthy doses of Vitamin D do not offer full protection from viruses, it can alleviate the severity of the infection process resulting in speedy recovery.  

You can get natural doses of Vitamin D by soaking up the sun. This doesn’t mean that you can head out to Bondi Beach to sunbathe all morning. Since the stay-at-home order is still in place, it might be best to get your dose of Vitamin D from your garden or outdoor spaces of your home.  

Following these tips is proven to boost your immune system function and deliver other healthful benefits. Implement these tips not only during these trying times but in the long term so you can enjoy optimum health and wellness for many years to come.