The Benefits of Kegel Exercises After Menopause

Kegel exercises or pelvic floor muscle training has been recommended to women after menopause. When a woman reaches the age of 45 and above, her monthly period can cease anytime. Her pelvic floor weakens so that it cannot support the organs above it, which are the bladder, uterus, and the large intestine.

To prevent this from happening, doing pelvic floor exercises is highly recommended. These workouts can be done at home when you are lying down or sitting down. Here are the benefits of Kegel exercises after menopause.

Strengthen the Muscles and Ligaments in the Pelvic Floor

The pelvic floor is located at the lowest portion of the pelvis. It has muscles and ligaments that support the uterus, bladder, and large intestines.

After menopause, these muscles and ligaments become weak so that they can hardly support the organs above them. Working out the pelvic floor targets the muscles and ligaments below the pelvis so that they can be strong enough to do their functions.

Prevent Urine Leakage and Uncontrolled Bowel Movement

When the pelvic floor is weak, the muscles cannot control urination or bowel movement.  Unintentionally moving your bowel or urinating in public transportation while commuting or in offices and public places can be the most embarrassing thing in your life.

You may also release urine when you cough or when you exert effort. To prevent this humiliating incident, you must keep the muscles and ligaments in your pelvic floor strong and healthy by performing pelvic floor muscle training regularly.

Prevent Women from Experiencing Painful Sexual Intercourse

Many women after menopause complain about suffering from pain during sexual intercourse. This is because the muscle tissues in the pelvic floor have become less elastic.

It can be damaged or torn during the sex act. Performing Kegel exercises can strengthen the muscles tissues and make them elastic. The fact that the muscles stretch can prevent tearing of some tissues, which causes the pain.

Allow You to Lead A Happy and Fulfilling Life          

Since Kegel exercises have been known as a remedy for incontinence, doing them can bring a huge change in your lifestyle.

If in the pat you were afraid to go out because you are afraid of suddenly urinating where you are, now, you are confident that you can commute to malls, restaurants, parks, and banks without embarrassing yourself. You would feel free and happy to travel, attend parties, and even enjoy some sports.

Help Nurture Your Relationships and Social Life

Kegel exercises as a remedy for incontinence can enhance your relationships with others and nurture your social life. If you are free to travel, you can visit your children and grandchildren regardless of the distance or see old friends, relatives, and colleagues.

These meetings can strengthen your bond with each other. You can meet new people, make new friends, and even get involved in community service. You can take your dream vacation without worrying about diaper changes along the way.

By doing Kegel exercises, you can improve your old age and enjoy an active and fun-filled life. Try doing Kegel for stronger and healthy pelvic muscles and ligaments that can make growing old the best time of your life.