The 5 Benefits of Joining a Running Club

Running is one of the most practical ways one can stay fit. One only needs to have a reliable pair of running shoes and a good music playlist to listen to and you’re good to go.

Running solo can also give you a sense of freedom. However, there are also benefits of running with a group. Here are 5 reasons why it is better to join a running club.

1. Motivation

You can fill your playlist with all the right kinds of music to keep you motivated. However, there will always be a point in time when music alone is not enough to see you accomplish your goals.

When you join a running club, you will feel greater motivation because you are going to run together. You can spend the rest of the session talking about things in life. You will not notice the passing of time. Before you know it, you are already done with your run.  

2. Companionship 

Running with a group of like-minded individuals gives you the chance to build and foster long-lasting friendships. It is not necessary that you aim to make friends along the way. However, having other people running along with you makes the activity more worthwhile.

Imagine running in cold winter. It could be unbearable if you are going to run alone. The companionship that the other members of the club should help you stay motivated and focused on what you want to accomplish.

3. Discover New Routes 

The thing about running solo is that you will never want to venture in a route that is unfamiliar to you. When you join a running club, some members can introduce you to other routes that you may have never known before. This can translate to new experiences.

It also provides you a rare opportunity to expand your horizon and take on a different view. When you run on new routes, you are excited and thus better motivated to keep on running. You know that your next session will be another new adventure.

4. Safety

 One benefit of running with a group is safety. If you happen to run in a route where wild animals are known to be spotted once in a while, your numbers will be a good deterrent for any potential attacks.

If you get injured, there will be others who will come to your aid in an instant. Crossing a street is also a lot easier and safer when there are more of you. Motorists will be more cautious when passing a group of runners than a single runner.

5. Other Activities 

The friendships you build in the running club can open other doors of opportunities for you. Some of them may have other activities that you might be interested in joining.

This way, you increase your number of physical activities. Even if you do not make friends, running with a group can also open other events for you. You might want to consider joining a half marathon or a 10K run.

Joining a running club offers many benefits. It can increase your motivation to run, while giving you companionship. It is also a lot safer and gives you the chance to discover new routes and opportunities.