TAPfit: Fancy Footwork with a Touch of Cardio

After just a couple of years, TapFit is finally becoming popular in Australia’s biggest cities. A true Aussie creation, it is a fun way to get cardio and toning exercises through dance. The mixture is fun (thanks to the upbeat music), but it truly is a full workout. 

It is called TapFit because you will be working out with their special tap soles, called Feet Beats. They are meant to be slipped over your own shoes and the metal tap toes and heels will create sounds as you work out. The studio also has a special roll-out mat so that there is no risk of scratching a wooden floor or destroying a tiled one. 

What To Expect In A TapFit Class

A TapFit class will work out muscles all over your body, as opposed to simple tap dancing which only involves the feet and legs. You will even exercise the core and glutes, thanks to the use of the resistance bands while dancing. 

A class lasts 45 minutes, combining toning activities and dance steps while moving along with the music. In between songs you can take a break for a sip of water. TapFit has different classes to choose from, like street, funk, Latin, and even Broadway (which means you will be dancing around in show tunes). 

For beginners, simplified versions of the routine can be done, and the whole of it is done at least 3 times so you have a chance to perfect it. Just be ready to show off those jazz hands, without shame, and with full abandon. It is simply a part of the routine and you should just let yourself get caught up in the music. 

Is It Just For Dancers?

Tons of people have always loved to dance despite having two left feet. Even if you have never really been a great dancer, do not feel scared to join a TapFit class. Sure, you will find it tougher to get the steps right, but you will truly get the hang of it after some practice.

Otherwise, just remember that you are there for a fun workout and not for a dance recital. When you are not worried about getting the steps perfect, you will find it easier to get the hang of it. 

Why TapFit Is The Perfect Exercise For You

It is not just about working the body out, you can also expect to exercise the mind because it aims to boost your happiness and self-confidence. Whatever your body type, fitness level, and age are, this workout is for you.

This workout will truly make your heart pumping, especially when the music is upbeat. But beyond giving you a full cardio exercise, you can expect other benefits like improved cognitive functioning and reduced symptoms of illnesses like Parkinson’s disease. 

Tips Before You Go

Make sure you tie your shoelaces tightly, as the dances can be really fast-paced. The tap shoes will take some time getting used to, but give it a bit of time and you will be dancing like a pro. Forget your inhibitions and worries about your dancing, just enjoy it!