Sneak Preview: Amazon Australia’s Black Friday Deals Should Never Be Missed

If you haven’t started with your Christmas shopping, then you might want to know how to get great savings on them. Amazon Australia has adopted the biggest American shopping event — Black Friday.

During this day, shoppers enjoy great discounts on a huge variety of products. If you are especially looking for deals, then you should definitely take advantage of this sale.

What Is Black Friday?

Black Friday, which falls this year on 27 November 2020, is one of the biggest events for tons of retailers, including Amazon Australia. Buyers can enjoy huge discounts off retail price. The sales can be enjoyed all the way until 30 November, which is the Cyber Monday sale.

The whole idea of Black Friday came from America, which happens every last Friday of November. The day before is Thanksgiving Day, and the tradition is that people eat and clean up until the wee hours of the morning.

Instead of heading to bed, they go out and shop. While it started with physical stores, online retailers have adopted the event, with Amazon Australia already releasing offers up to 2 days. Cyber Monday, on the other hand, started mainly as the online version of Black Friday.

What Kind of Deals Can You Expect?

The exact details of all deals have not been released and customers will only find out shortly before.

Here is a list of what you can expect to find greatly reduced: –

Amazon Devices

Naturally, there is a high chance that Amazon Australia will reduce the prices of their own products. If you are looking for Alexa devices and compatible extras, or you have always wanted to set up that smart home, this is the right time to do it.


Cyber Monday was originally a day when gadgets are offered on sale. Amazon Australia will be giving gadgets like computers, gaming products, TVs, soundbars, and many more at much lower prices. Whether you are looking for a new toy or searching for a special gift for a loved one, you will be glad to be able to save a few dollars on these purchases.

Fitness Gadgets

You will be happy to find out that fitness supplements like wearables and headphones are common to get price cuts during sales. As beach season comes, it will be nice to secure yourself a wearable to keep you accountable for your step counts till you reach your goal.

In addition to awesome sales, if you sign up as a Prime Member, you’ll not only enjoy free shipping for most items.

You will get gain access to Amazon’s exclusive Prime Video (similar to Netflix), Amazon Music, Gaming perks and more. Not keen to sign up just yet? Trial Prime here for free.

Bottom Line

Enjoy huge savings and buy all your Christmas gifts in one go during Amazon Australia’s Black Friday. Have fun browsing through their offers and finding the best present for your loved ones!

Be sure to check out the “Deals” category, where I will be posting more about the deals as the event approaches.