Jumping Rope: A Simple Fitness Regimen Worth a Try

Some folks believe that jumping rope is only for kids. But seasoned athletes and fitness buffs know that jumping rope is one of the most effective ways to burn fat, engage more muscles, and enhance flexibility. Here is a simple jumping rope fitness regimen you can complete in 10 minutes.

Figure Eight – Part 1

For the first minute, you will not be jumping yet. Instead, you’ll be swinging the jump rope in a figure-8 fashion. Hold the jump rope handles and place your hands in front of your body. Trace the figure 8 sideways. Make sure to shift your weight as you move your arms. This will help prepare your knees and ankles for the jump.

Single Jump

On the second minute, perform the single jump. Jump with both feet as you rotate the rope over your head to make a complete turn. Keep the ratio to 1:1. That means one jump per turn of the rope.

Step Touch – Part 1

For the next 30 seconds, hold the rope handles and swing the rope to the right side of the body. Turn the rope twice while also stepping your right foot to the right. At the same time, tap the left toes using your right heel. Do the same on the left side of the body.


The next step is similar to the Single Jump. The only difference is that you will be moving forward or backward with each turn of the rope. For instance, on the first turn, you can jump 6 inches forward.

On the next turn of the rope, you’ll jump 6 inches backward. Alternate this forward and backward movement with each turn. Do this for a minute.

Figure Eight – Part 2

Perform a Figure Eight manoeuvre for about 30 seconds.


The next move is similar to the Front-Back action. The difference here is that the movement will be sideways.

So, instead of jumping forward, you will be jumping 6 inches either to the right or left. Alternate these movements with each turn of the rope. Execute this manoeuvre for a minute.

Step Touch – Part 2

Perform the same Step Touch move for about 30 seconds.

Double Jump

This move requires you to jump as high as you possibly can. This is to allow the turning of the rope over your head twice before landing on your feet. You have to be fast in turning the jump rope. Dedicate 30 seconds for this manoeuvre.

Figure Eight – Part 3

Execute another 30 seconds of Figure Eight.

Jumping Jack

This combines traditional jumping rope with jumping jacks. On your first jump, your feet should be wider than the width of the hips when you land. The next jump will have both feet landing close together. Do this for 30 seconds.


This can be tricky to execute. The idea is to run in place as you turn the jump rope. Do this for 2 minutes.

Step Touch – Part 3

Finish your 10-minute jumping rope fitness regimen with a 1-minute Step Touch manoeuvre.
This is a very simple fitness regimen using a jumping rope. With this 10-minute exercise, you will already be burning 135 calories.