Say No to Boredom – Add Fun to Indoor Cycling

Repetitive exercises can cause boredom in the long run. Stationary cycling, for instance, can lose its initial excitement and wear off the newbies’ energy.

It’s important to find new ways to add fun to your routine indoor cycling in order to keep the momentum going. Here are tricks and tips to keep you on track.

Turn Up the Music

Working out with music is a time-proof method to reduce boredom, particularly for long stationary cycling hours. With good music, one barely feels the passage of time. You can wear headphones or simply turn on the stereo.

The genre doesn’t also matter, since different folks are meant for different strokes. Some cyclists use pop or any fast-beat music to encourage intense workout sessions, others prefer soft music to relax or contemplate while cycling. In some cases, both music genres can be used in one cycling session to warm up then cool down.

Find a Good Distraction

When you are focused on the ticking of the clock, the time seems to run slow. It’s an illusion, and the best way to combat this is to keep yourself occupied. You can watch a television show, listen to a podcast, or read a book while doing indoor cycling. This way, you hit two goals in one ride.

Add Breaks

Long hours of cycling is not only physically exhausting, but also mentally draining. It’s easy to lose the excitement in the process.

Adding short time breaks in between cycling sessions is a great way to break down cycling goals into doable periods. Target setting also appears more realistic with intervals.

Develop Cycling Variations

When you’ve been cycling for years, it’s normal to want to upscale your routine either in intensity or in positions. Consider variations in your routine then.

You can shift from the conventional stationary bikes to spinning bikes that allow both standing and seated positions. Dynamic movements, including your upper body, will keep your routine interesting.

Bring a Buddy

Conversations with friends and family are always amusing. They make routine tasks entertaining and meaningful.

If your exercise buddy is as ruthless as you are when it comes to fitness goals, then both of you will be more focused. One will play as the devil’s advocate when boredom strikes.

It is even a far better idea to bring as many mates as possible and conduct a group cycling session. If your space is not enough, you can book a room in a studio. You can do it once a week or per fortnight, just to keep your routine varied and motivate you.

Brainstorm Ideas While Cycling

It’s nice to exercise and at the same time be productive. Busy executives use their long cycling hours to ponder on business decisions, brainstorm new ideas, or simply go over their tasks.

Since the movements in cycling are repetitive anyway, it’s highly possible to do some sort of planning and other simple mental tasks in the process. This way, your mind is kept occupied. Thinking is always a productive way to pass time.

But of course, you should guarantee safety first. Your indoor bike should have a reading platform where you can lay your reading materials. And you should also be mindful not to get overwhelmed lest you lose your balance and get injured.