Roller Skate Aerobics: Enjoy Fitness on Wheels

There’s a growing consensus that roller skating is coming back. During the last two to three years, more and more people are becoming inspired to give roller skating a try.

What was once the most popular recreational machine in the 90s is making a grand comeback. It’s perfect timing for roller skates to come back in style as we are all starting to adapt to the new norm of social distancing and isolation.

Is roller skate aerobics a good workout?

The popularity of roller skate aerobics is a hit as it can also be performed for solo fitness and recreational activity. For people who have been avid skaters through the years, it’s an expression of freedom and intimacy.

The best thing about roller skate aerobics is that you can do it anywhere all by your lonesome and still have fun while doing it.  If you’re tired of the same old exercise routines at home and looking for ways to safely enjoy and workout outside, why not give roller skate aerobics a try?

Skating gives you a good workout. It makes use of all the muscles in the body. Studies reveal that you can even lose up to 600 calories per hour on wheels.

When you are roller skating, you are utilising your upper and lower extremities and involves the use of your core muscles for movement, balance, and coordination.

Another major selling point of roller skate aerobics is that it is a low-impact or low-stress cardio workout. Since your weight is under the wheels, skaters are less prone to developing knee pain or knee injuries even when they skate for many hours on end.

According to fitness experts, if you are planning to give roller skate aerobics a try, make sure to perform some stretching exercise prior to your workout.

Stretching is important as it stretches your muscles for optimum movement and greatly reduces injury, especially in the lower extremities.

Invest in a good pair of roller skates. Your movements will be smoother and more efficient if your skates are made from quality materials and smart design.

Health Benefits of Roller Skate Aerobic

1. Increased Cardiovascular Functioning and Health

Moderate roller skating can increase your heart rate up to 160bpm. When you add speed and effort, your heart rate can reach up to 180bpm.

You will definitely a good cardiovascular workout roller skating for an hour than running with the same duration. It improves blood circulation and strengthens the heart muscles, which in turn enables skaters to skate more and keep fit at the same time.

2. Offers the Same Health Benefits as Jogging

Regular roller skate aerobic can help you lose body fat, reduce calorie consumption, and stronger leg muscles.

3. Let’s You Lose Weight While Having Fun

According to studies, a full sixty minutes of roller skating can burn up to 330 calories for a person weighing 65 kilograms. If you perform intense roller skate aerobics at a speed of 10 mph, you are sure to burn up to 600 calories in one hour.

For a fun, exciting, and safe way of burning calories and keeping fit, consider incorporating roller skate aerobics into your fitness routine. With all the health benefits and the additional fun that it brings, buying a pair of roller skates will be well worth your money.