On Being a Frontliner: 5 Health Tips for a Healthy Career

One of the top advices for everyone during this pandemic is to minimize contact with other persons. As a frontliner however, this advice does not apply to you.

After all, you’re one of the many people who have an essential role in this black swan event, which means that you just don’t have the option to stay home and let things pass. So what can you do to protect yourself and your loved ones? Here are some tips how:

Glossing Over the Obvious

As a healthcare worker or anyone still working during this pandemic, it stands to reason that you should always wear protective equipment when outdoors. Masks, gloves, and sanitizers are crucial, especially if you work in a hospital setting.

Start with a Healthy Immune System

While caring for the health of others, don’t forget to take care of your own. Eat healthy and on time, making sure you get enough sleep and breaks in between shifts. As much as possible, your nutrient sources should be whole food items – fruits, vegetables, and fresh meat.

Exercise is strongly encouraged – even though you may already be tired from a full day’s work. Workouts like yoga and meditation should help you on both physical and mental levels.

Have Time for Mental Health

Physical health is important – but mental health needs just as much attention. With more than 7,000 confirmed cases in Australia, the toll on the health care system must be nearing its end for many frontliners.

Give yourself time to recover from the mental exhaustion after working long shifts. Focus on things that make you happy – like playing with your pet or working on a passion project. Do not be ashamed to seek help for your mental health.

Turn off Social Media

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are rampant with day by day updates on the pandemic combined with many negative news going on around the world. If you find yourself constantly worrying as you scroll through these topics, do yourself a favor and just stop.

Look into shows, articles, and feeds that make you smile and help you feel relaxed. It’s not a crime to shut off the news right now as you try to focus on yourself and recover from both the emotional and physical turmoil.

Physical Distancing, Not Social

While steering clear of mass gatherings is the best way to avoid the virus, that doesn’t mean you should cut off all connections entirely. There’s nothing like a good chat or video call with a friend to lift your mood up after a really bad week.

Fortunately, this generation has been blessed with high-speed internet and smartphones – allowing for face-to-face meetings without the risk of viruses. Remember that humans are social animals so make a point of staying connected to keep those spirits up.

The good news is that Australia made every effort to help their frontliners during this chaotic time. There are benefits, brands, public, and private entities all working together to provide essential workers with necessities during this pandemic.