Live Healthy And Do These Nutrition Hacks While Stuck at Home

To help you make the right nutrition choices while stuck at home, it is essential to follow these food hacks that will simplify meal preparation and make eating more fun for you and your loved ones.

Use Your Kitchen to Prepare Healthy Home-cooked Meals

Many restaurants are open for business but are limited for take-out and delivery only. Most people are resorting to delivery services to satisfy their cravings. It is undeniably convenient, but this practice can be unhealthy, especially when practiced in the long run.

Instead of depending on food delivery services, why not go to the kitchen and cooked wholesome meals instead?

To prevent you from being tempted to order food, delete all restaurant apps from your phone. Since you have a lot of time in your hands, plan healthy meals for you and your family instead.

Keep Healthy Food Staples in Stock

Stockpile on healthy staple food items including brown rice, quinoa, lentils, canned tuna, canned salmon, and sardines in your pantry.

Make sure to refill your refrigerator with fresh and frozen vegetables. If you have these food items at home, you are less likely to order food delivery services.

The Australian food market is teeming with local food growers, so make sure to support them. Organic food items are fresh, which means you are guaranteed great-tasting and wholesome dishes.

Cook in Bigger Batches

To save time and effort, you need to cook meals that are good for two meals or more. Make it a habit to prepare staples such as rice, quinoa, and noodles in bigger batches. You can let them cook while you are preparing your main meals.

Having extra quantities of rice, for instance, means that you can add them to later meals of the day.

Buy Snack Size Products in Bulk

If you are going on a grocery run, opt for snack-size food products that you can purchase in bulk. This is an excellent way to keep track of your calorie intake while nourishing the body with much-needed nutrients.

Use Smaller Plates

One great tip to trick your brain into seeing larger food portions is by using smaller plates. Although smaller plates can only accommodate fewer or smaller food items, you will quickly feel satisfied due to the illusion that you are eating average or larger food portions.

Use Plain Greek Yogurt in Food Preparation

Plain Greek yogurt is highly nutritious as it is packed with protein. It is also a versatile ingredient since you can use it as a healthy base ingredient for many dishes, sauces, and spreads that you can create at home.

Make Fruit-infused Water at Home

You don’t need to be dining at a posh restaurant to enjoy fancy fruit-infused sparkling water. Drinking water can get boring at times, so why not spruce up your water with fresh fruits like lemon oranges, pomegranate seeds, and raspberries?

You can place them in mineral or sparkling water. Water infused with fresh fruits not only hydrates the body but also addresses the body’s craving for sugar.

Follow these simple nutrition life hacks, and you’ll come out of lockdown with healthy eating habits that will help boost your immune system, too.