Hulacize: Creative Fitness Regimen for Kids

If you are looking for ways to get your children be more physically active, Hulacize, or exercising using hula hoops, is one creative way for them to keep healthy and fit during these trying times.

Of course, with social distancing still encouraged, you can encourage kids to use hula hoop as an implement that will entertain them, without even noticing that they are also developing crucial motor skills over time.

So, what is Hulacize? This workout is perfect for all ages as it is both fun and low impact in nature. It features elements of traditional Polynesian Dance combined techniques from Hawaiian hulacise and Cook Islanders hulanesian routines.

The upbeat tunes of music plus the hula movements will definitely give your kids a good cardio workout, which leads to improvement of their cardiovascular health, too. Here are other benefits from practicing hulacize among children.


Hula hooping will challenge your kids to learn different motions and coordinate to ensure that the hula hoop don’t fall down from their waists. With Hulacize, your kid will learn how to separate the movements of the upper portion of their bodies to those of their lower limbs.

In addition, they also need to maintain good posture and balance while moving, further enhancing their body coordination.

Great Core Strength

Hulacize may look fun at first, but it requires a great deal of effort around the midsection. The hip motion to keep the hoop up the waist can only be achieved if the muscles of the abdominal region, obliques, and upper back are moving properly and in sync.

Keeping the trunk stable and strong will help children in developing their posture, endurance, and whole-body coordination.


Endurance comes in many forms. Although children are physically active, they can lose their concentration in learning new skills, too. Hulacize helps children develop their mental endurance, since they need to master hula hooping in order for the hoop not to drop on the floor.

They will Hulacize a challenge that they must conquer and master. With this mindset, they sharpen their mental skills in the process.


Flexibility is a crucial aspect of fitness, but sadly parents neglect this quality. Children will develop their flexibility by keeping the hoop off the ground. Children who don’t play outside are more prone to suffering from stiff and uncoordinated joints, which can be detrimental in the long run.

For optimal musculoskeletal development, you need to develop flexibility through Hulacize. This workout routine teaches children to move their hips and separate two sides thereby enabling them to improve their range of motion, while having fun and excitement at the same time.


Working out isn’t just about improving your child’s physique and fitness level; it should also make them feel good about themselves. As Hulacize is a challenging workout activity, having the ability to dance while hula hopping is an undeniably great accomplishment.

They will take pride in themselves knowing they can perform an activity and be extremely skilled at it as well.

There are many hula hoops for children that are available online. They are made from different materials, with some lightweight and for advanced Hulacize dancers, weighted hula hoops are best.