Home or Centre? Where is it Best to Practice Pilates?

You may already have a fair idea about how Pilates can help you with your health, fitness, exercise, and even weight loss goals. From improving your flexibility to toning and strengthening your muscles, this exercise system can be very beneficial in leading a much healthier way of life.

The question now is whether to practice Pilates at home or to do it in a Pilates centre.

Practicing Pilates at a Centre

There are a number of advantages when you choose to perform and practice Pilates at a dedicated fitness centre.

First, it allows you to learn the different techniques and moves with the support of others. They won’t criticise you for being a newbie. In fact, they will be more than willing to show you how you can proceed with the various techniques at your own pace.

Secondly, there are learning aids to help you master the various Pilates moves. Sure, you can download Pilates instruction materials from the web or even buy yourself several books on the topic, but it sure is different when someone else is demonstrating to you the proper way of performing a Pilates move.

Not only is the Pilates instructor very much willing to show you how, even other Pilates aficionados will demonstrate to you how it’s done.

Third, picking a centre for Pilates means you are there specifically to perform Pilates. When you’re at home, there will always be distractions, children calling you, or even your partner bugging you with something.

You’ll hear the loud blast of music from your neighbour which can distract you from your Pilates. When you’re in a Pilates centre you can remain focused on what you’re doing.

Sadly, there are also drawbacks to doing Pilates at a centre. Membership dues will always be an issue. And if you’re the shy type of person, it is definitely not the kind of setting you’d want. The Pilates classes may also not fit in your tight schedule.

Doing the Pilates at Home

The drawbacks of doing Pilates at a centre are obviously the strengths of practising at home. It is inexpensive; unless you want to invest in some Pilates reformer machines.

There are also downloadable Pilates instructions on the internet or even watch a channel on YouTube to see how a particular move is done. These won’t break your bank.

For individuals who are a bit shy, practising Pilates at home is always a good idea. It is a much more private way to practise doing Pilates until you’ve developed enough confidence to showcase what you know.

Of course, practising Pilates at home means you have the convenience of time. You don’t have to make adjustments of any sort since you’ll be doing it in your home anyway.

The only issue with doing Pilates at home is that you may have plenty of distractions so you won’t be able to really focus on what you’re doing. You may also not have the support you need or even the additional instruction you require to make the most of your Pilates moves.

Consider which of these matters to you most. This will help you decide.