Fuel Yourself Before Workout: What Food and Drinks to Avoid

As much as Australians love their morning coffee – I think we can all agree that it’s not the best drink to have before going on a jog. If you’re going to deliciously punish your body with a good workout, it’s important that you know what to eat – and what to avoid.

Protein Bars or Granola Bars

Now, it might seem like these convenient little packets were made for the fit lifestyle, but they’re actually bad as a pre-workout snack. Protein bars are packed with ingredients other than protein – most of which include sugar. Do you really want that in your diet?

Eggs are Also Bad

But eggs are healthy! Well, yes but not before a workout. First of all, eggs don’t really contain enough protein to keep you fuelled during a particularly heavy workout. Plus, they can feel very heavy for your stomach, which means you’ll have a hard time making those deep-knee lunges.

Unless you’re eating the eggs hours before the actual workout, it’s not really worth the effort. You know what’s a good replacement though? Greek yogurt.

Fast Food

This needs no explanation.

Keep Away from Fiber

Again, fiber is healthy. It makes your bowel movements feel like tiny appointments in heaven. Unfortunately, this is the very reason why fiber is not good pre-workout. It makes you…go.

When you’re in the middle of a pretty heavy Pilates move, the need to “go” is the last thing you want to feel. Even if they don’t have this effect on you, fiber-rich food items take a while to digest and will make you feel heavy all through the workout.

Energy Drinks Have Fake Energy

It sounds perfectly rational to have energy drinks before you expend lots of energy – but it’s not. They’re packed tight with sugar and calories that only add to the amount you need to sweat off for the day.

They also have a bad effect on your blood pressure with some people reporting a jittery feeling after an energy drink. Oh and they’re bad for the liver as well.

Skip these drinks and just keep yourself hydrated with water in its purest form during workouts. And while we’re at it – you should avoid all carbonated drinks altogether.

Smoothies? Nope

A blended combination of fruits and vegetables sound ideal – but not if you’re gulping down a large batch before a workout. Fruits are packed with sugar and vegetables are filled with fiber – a bad combination.

Now, this doesn’t mean that smoothies are bad. However, you need to take them in properly – such as an hour or two before the exercise. Otherwise they’re going to make your stomach hurt and heavy.

Pay attention to portions as well as contents of the smoothie as well. Don’t just throw anything in there – look for smoothie recipes that are made especially for pre-workouts.

Of course, it’s not enough for you to know what food items to avoid. In the same way, you should know what food items to actually eat and when is the best time to have them. Be nice to your body with good food choices, timing, and portions!