Create Your Own Home Gym On A Budget

Building a home gym can cost a lot, but it does not always have to. Many people make the mistake of thinking that getting a subscription at an Australian gym is cheaper than setting one up at home.

Well, if you want to get fancy and big equipment, then it is easy to imagine that you will have to pay a lot. The truth is, for about $1000, you can get a good starter gym at home.

The key is to get the basics in your home gym, specifically the ones below. Other pieces of equipment may be recommended, but they are nice-to-haves, not must-haves like the following:

Olympic Barbell

It makes sense to invest in a top-quality barbell because you will more likely use this the most. Never go for those cheaper versions made of steel unless you want to compromise the quality of your workout.

Squat Rack with a Pull-Up Bar Attached

This is another vital piece of equipment that cannot be missed in a home gym. This is the spot where you will do your presses, squats, pull-ups, and tons of other exercises. Buying a good rack will make you feel safe at all times, plus it will last a long time.

Another advantage is that you can add different attachments for fully versatile equipment. Most squat racks in the market are of good quality, so there is no fear of ending up with a low-quality one.

Weight Plates

You already have the barbell and the squat rack, the next step is to get weight plates. If you want the best ones, you can buy them secondhand, just look online for used iron Olympic plates. If you are on a budget and you cannot find good options for used ones, try out iron plates.

They are easy to find, cheap, and accurate. If you plan to make Olympic lifts, however, then bumper plates are a good idea. They are more expensive, so buy only the pieces you need.

Flat Bench

This piece of equipment can be used for more than just bench presses. They are useful for doing rows, box jumps, box squats, split squats, and many more. Look for one that has a solid platform, a firm foam pad, and is about 17” off the ground.

Jump Rope

This simple piece of equipment is not just cheap; it is a useful addition to a home gym that does not take too much space. It is great for conditioning and coordination exercises that will help improve endurance and stamina or simply to warm up.

Should You Invest In A Home Gym?

The exercise equipment listed above will cost you around $1000, depending of course on where you buy them. Still, it is hardly the cost of one high-end piece that takes too much space and is not as versatile.

If you have some space for these basic pieces and feel better working out at home, then a home gym is a great idea that will not break your bank.