COVID-19 Preventive Tips For Our Protection and Safety

The COVID-19 disease that originated from China and spread to almost all countries of the world poses a serious threat to anyone who comes into contact with an infected person. Its symptoms are mild but when left untreated, can become serious and even fatal.

To prevent its spread, containment or isolation of persons suspected to be infected with the disease has been strongly imposed. Here are some preventive tips for our protection and safety.

Observe Frequent and Proper Handwashing Practices

Viruses cannot be seen by naked eye. There is no way to tell that coronavirus has made its way to your hands. As soon as you touch other parts of your body, the virus can infect you.

Stay safe from infection and prevent its spread by washing your hand properly as frequently as possible. Use clean water and soap and rub alcohol into your hands to kill germs and viruses.

Keep Your Hands Away from Your Mouth, Nose, and Eyes

You cannot avoid touching door knobs, stair railings, office equipment, and other surfaces that have been touched by different people, and one of them might be a carrier of the virus. As much as possible, do not touch your eyes, nose, and mouth if you have not washed and sanitized your hands.

Germs and viruses enter the body through these passages and keeping them free of pathogens is one way to ensure the prevention of the disease.

Always Practice Proper Respiratory Hygiene

When you cough or sneeze, always do it on your bent elbows to prevent droplets that can be a carrier of the coronavirus from infecting people near you.

You can also cover your mouth and nose with tissue. Make sure to dispose of the tissue immediately. This can protect other people around you from different viruses including coronavirus.

Keep a Safe Distance When Talking with People

Make sure that you are at least three feet away from a person you are talking with. This can keep you clear of droplets if he sneezes or coughs. Remember that these droplets contain viruses that can contaminate you with coronavirus or other viruses that can cause illnesses.

Stay Updated and Listen to the Advice of Health Officials and Healthcare Providers

COVID-19 disease has symptoms similar to those of cold or flu. When you experience coughing, sneezing, and difficulty in breathing, seek advice from the health officials in your area.

They have information regarding the spread of COVID-19 and if there are infected persons in your area. Listen to their advice to prevent the spread of the disease and to keep you safe from infection.

Seek Immediate Medical Care If You Have a Fever and Other Symptoms of COVID-19

Once you feel some symptoms similar to those of the coronavirus disease, visit your doctor immediately. Have the recommended laboratory tests to see if you are infected or not. Catching the disease at its earliest stage can save your health and life.

As with other ailments, prevention is always better than any cures. Consider this COVID-19 prevention tips for everyone’s protection and safety.