Corporate Fitness: Working Together To Be In Good Shape


An increasing number of companies worldwide now recognize the importance of adopting a corporate fitness program, and the reason is quite obvious: having healthy employees can help save money and even improve workers’ performance.

What Is A Corporate Fitness Program?

Corporate fitness programs aim to support and encourage a comprehensive approach to improving employee well-being with the creation of an organizational culture of health.

They essentially encourage employees, or members of an organization, to work together to be in good shape and health.

Programs vary but may be tailored to address physical fitness, nutritional health and stress. Sessions may be held on a regular basis with the objective to help employees adapt a healthier lifestyle.

One particular concern about adopting a corporate fitness program is the cost. Companies, particularly startups and those with tight budgets, may shun away from these programs for fear they could end up spending more than they can afford. Evidence, however, shows this is less likely to happen.

Health Benefits Of Corporate Fitness Programs

In Australia, where absenteeism at work costs losses amounting to $7 billion per year, wellness initiatives can potentially address problems of employees getting too sick to go to work or being unwell to fully function and accomplish their tasks.

The right programs can help teach employees different methods that can help them appreciate their jobs, which helps reduce physical and mental stress. This, in turn, helps improve their health, and healthy employees can prove to be a more significant asset for any business than sickly ones.

Healthier employees also lower healthcare costs. The idea is backed up by a recent report from the Harvard Business School that showed companies save thrice the amount they spend on corporate wellness programs.

Corporate Fitness Boosts Teamwork

Corporate fitness does not just improve overall health in the workplace. It also has far reaching impacts that affect teamwork and productivity.

Camaraderie is particularly important for the success of any endeavor that involves teamwork. Fortunately, it is one of the benefits that a corporate fitness programs can bring.

As more employees decide to participate in these wellness initiatives, workplace teamwork also improves, and having close ties among workers can translate into productivity.

These programs can also foster social support particularly among employees who need a confidence boost.

Employee Retention

Employees tend to have a greater level of appreciation if they are fit and healthy. They are also more likely to perform well at work and are less stressed, factors that can be impacted with an adoption of a corporate fitness program.

Job satisfaction may also be influenced by other variables but it is clear that healthy and happy individuals are more likely to be satisfied with their jobs than those who don’t.

Job satisfaction happens to be a crucial determinant that can predict employee retention. Employees stay and remain loyal to the company if they are happy and satisfied with their job.

Employees who see the benefits of these fitness programs are less likely to move to other companies that do not offer a similar perk.