Can’t Make it to the Gym? Try These 3 Fitness Apps at Home

Many individuals go to the gym because it’s filled with state-of-the-art exercise equipment. These gadgets allow them to monitor their fitness progress through a host of built-in technologies.

But with the advent of mobile technology comes a bevy of fitness apps. These innovative programs allow you to keep track of your fitness goals sans the confines of a gym.

Many of these fitness apps are free and can provide you with a virtual personal trainer, making your fitness journey more fun and motivating. So, don’t fuss if you cannot make it to the gym. Any of these 3 fitness apps at home can help you stay on the right track.

1. Aaptiv

One of the greatest strengths of the Aaptiv is that you can pick almost any other activity to help you in your fitness goals. There’s yoga, strength training, stretching, stair climbing, and many more. You can then choose the type of class that you want to follow.

This can range anywhere from a short 5-minute beginner’s class up to 75 minutes for advanced fitness practitioners. The app comes with trainers that walk you through the performance of the workout. It’s like having a personal trainer right on your smartphone.

The only problem is that this app is not free. It comes with a monthly fee that’s equivalent to about 3 cups of your favourite cup of coffee from Starbucks. It’s still more practical than the average membership fee in a gym.

2. Nike+ Run Club

If you love to run, then Nike’s Run Club is the app for you. It is free from your favourite sports apparel brand, Nike. The interface is very easy to use. It also allows users to share post-run data. The app can keep track of your training runs.

It also gives you the versatility to plan for your training so you can compete in a race. Its Smart Training feature allows you to map out your goals prior to the race itself. After every run, Nike sends you a very encouraging message from the brand’s team of trainers and athletes.

You may already be aware of the big names in the sports and fitness industry affiliated with Nike. Who knows the next encouraging quote will come from your favourite track star.

3. Strava

Since almost every other gym features a treadmill and an exercise bike, it is safe to assume that people love using these machines to stay healthy and fit. You don’t need to go to the gym anymore if you only want to monitor your running and cycling progress. The Strava app can do it for you free of charge.

The app is simple enough to use. But what separates it from similar apps is its large community of Strava users. Many use its social sharing features to keep them motivated. They have this thinking that if others can achieve their goals, then they should too.

These are just 3 of the most exciting fitness apps you can try at home. You can forget going to the gym once you’ve tried these apps.