7 Smart Ways To Keep Yourself Hydrated

Even if you do like the taste of water, it can be tricky to keep yourself hydrated especially during warm weather and while working out. But by following some of these tricks, you can provide your body with the liquid it needs in a day easily.

1. Make Your Own Sports Drink

Coconut water is not only delicious, it is also perfect in replenishing nutrients your body needs and rehydrating it. It is full of natural electrolytes like sodium and potassium that are also important in keeping top muscle and nerve function.

Manufactured sports drinks like Gatorade are full of these electrolytes, but it also has tons of calories, sugars, and artificial dyes. Instead, you can make your own by mixing a cup of coconut water with a cup of freshly squeezed juice (plus some honey to sweeten it up).

2. Go For Frozen Hydrating Pops

When the temperatures are high, you will be tempted to reach for something cool. Instead of reaching for sugar-laden ice cream, you can create your own hydrating pops at home. You can use hydrating ingredients such as watermelon and lemon juice, and fill popsicle molds with the mix.

One hour in the freezer and you have a cool and refreshing snack that will also keep you hydrated. Much like the first tip, you can add coconut water and honey.

3. Cook Some Soup

Soup is a great choice to get hydrated, though most people stay away from it when the weather is warmer. But there are also summer soups that you should try out. 

The best part is when you use hydrating ingredients, like tomato and cucumber (both have more than 90% water). Plus, the salt in the soup is necessary to avoid getting overhydrated.

4. Prepare A Herbal Tea Cooler

Some teas like black tea have caffeine and are also dehydrating. However, there are herbal teas that are both decaffeinated and perfect for keeping you hydrated.

Instead of reaching for those sweet iced teas, make your own herbal tea cooler by adding some blended fruit puree to your pot of herbal tea. Keep it in the fridge or serve it with ice, which is perfect for warm days.

5. Drink Milk

In both warm and cool days, milk is an excellent option to keep your body hydrated. In fact, studies have shown that athletes who drink milk or milk products can retain fluid better compared to those who drink Powerade. Moreover, milk has protein, which allows your body to recover after the physical exercise.

6. Exchange Soda With Sparkling Water

Soda has caffeine and sugar, which is high in calories and can dehydrate the body. Reach instead for sparkling water and meet your hydration goals. You can add some orange juice, mint leaves or lemon slices for some taste.

7. Add Some Ice To Your Drinks

Liquor is dehydrating, so you can reverse this by adding some ice cubes to your drink. Thus, you can compensate when the ice melts.

Keeping your body hydrated is important whether the weather is cool or warm. If you are active and exercise regularly, you will need to replace any liquids you lose while sweating. By following these simple tips, you can keep your body well-hydrated at all times.