7 Best Exercises for a Healthier Heart

About 40,000 Australians, equivalent to 40%, died with heart disease as either a direct cause or contributing factor in 2015. The number only increased throughout the years since then.

This explains a phenomenon which brings the nation to a widespread campaign against hypertension, stroke, heart attack, and any other cardiovascular-related disease.

While many research are focused on food and nutrition, keeping a healthy heart is more than just having a proper diet. One also needs to be physically active, regardless of what age because the heart is a muscle. Get to know some of the cardio best exercises:

Brisk Walking

Start with the basic aerobic exercise, that is brisk walking. It allows your heart to work harder and burns calories (about 100 to 300 cal for 30 mins) without spending on any equipment or program.

Plus, Australia is also known for open spaces where anyone can brisk walk before and after work. It’s perfect for the overweight and the senior patients, too. You can level up to running whenever you’re ready or if you prefer to.


Another great aerobic exercise that requires no financial investment is dancing. A good music is all it takes to get started. 

A study found that average-intensity dancing is associated with decreased risk of cardiovascular death and even more effective than walking. You can even choose to dance with a group for a more interactive exercise.


Whether you are thinking of trekking a mountain or simply walking up a staircase, climbing in all its forms is a heart-friendly exercise. Your breathing is put to test as you fight against gravity.

Climbing stairs alone allows you to achieve 50% to 80% of your maximum heart rate, computed as 220 less your age.


Busy bees find refuge in yoga, especially Ashtanga and Bikram, to relieve themselves from stress which is a known driving factor for heart attacks and hypertension.

Yoga not only improves flexibility and builds muscle strength, but also enhances the breathing of a person. This ultimately conditions both the mind and the body, including the heart.


A report suggested that cycling for 32 kilometers a week drives down the risk for developing heart diseases by 50%. The leg movements propelled by cycling enable the heart rate and the level of good cholesterol (HDL)  to increase, thus helping keep your cardio fitness at optimum condition.

Elliptical Machine Exercises

Are you a gym baby? Then running on an elliptical machine is perfect for you. It exercises the heart, as well as your arm and leg muscles.

Similar to cycling, elliptical machines can be bought and used at home. Furthermore, unlike the treadmill, elliptical machine running, walking or climbing puts less stress on your knees and hips.


The country is blessed with good beaches for people to enjoy. You can swim either for leisure or health reason. Half an hour of swimming already increases the heart rate by about 30% to 40%. Start practicing your laps in a nearby pool if going outdoors doesn’t appeal to you.

While keeping a healthy heart is always a holistic care, the select exercises above will save you from risky attacks and serious heart conditions.

Yet of course, always seek medical guidance for the right exercise especially when you’ve already been diagnosed with a cardiovascular condition.