5 Simple Ways to Burn Calories at Home

When it comes to burning calories, a lot of people used to think that sweating it out in the gym was the only way to go. But guess what? You can burn the same amount of calories at home, too. Here are five simple ways to stay fit even without going out.

1. Do household chores.

For those of you who stay at home during this COVID-19 or don’t normally spend time exercising, doing household chores can be a great alternative.

Not only will you lose calories, but you will also keep your house tidy and clean. Ironing your clothes standing up, sweeping the floor, and other chores will help you get your muscles and bones going.

Speaking of muscles, it is always nice to have a good massage after a long day doing house chores. Without stepping out of your home, you can easily achieve a good massage on your tired muscles by using a massage gun. Massage guns are gaining popularity in Australia as they are proven to be working well.

2. Walk your dog.

You can walk with your dogs in your backyard! Walking your dog for at least 15 minutes a day does wonders for your body as well as your mental health. It’s even a lot better if you have a playful dog that loves running and playing tricks with you.

Plus, you won’t notice that you are actually exercising because you’ll have so much fun playing.

3. Sit on a stability ball.

Once you hit the working stage, you will be spending most of your time sitting behind a desk. Even if you work at home, chances are that you’ll be holed up in your work area in front of a laptop.

A few months like this and your metabolism will definitely slow down. So, what you can do is to just swap your desk chair for a stability ball.

A stability ball is a great way to lose extra calories even if you aren’t doing anything.

Because you need to keep the ball in place, your core will have to work hard. Sitting on a stability ball for a few hours a day can help you lose 100 calories.

4. Cook your meals.

One way to burn more calories is to cook your food. Obviously, you don’t cook while sitting down. The time you spend cooking can be added to the extra calories your body burns.

While you’re at it, you might want to consider cooking healthy foods. When you do this, you can keep track of the calories you eat more easily.

5. Exercise while watching.

A lot of people aren’t into exercising. When you think about it, it’s hard to allot a few minutes sweating when you’re used to being a couch potato.

But you can change that by just doing a few simple exercises while watching television. You can jog in place, do a few stretches, and do squats for a few minutes.

You can also sit on the couch while exercising with a mini exercise bike or an under desk elliptical machine. They don’t take up much space and you can kill two birds with one stone while enjoying your favourite TV series.

The TV also becomes a great distraction to the exercises you are doing. Before you know it, you’ve done 50 squats already.

Burning calories does not only happen when you’re in the gym. By following these five tips, you can at least burn a few hundred calories every day without trying too hard.

The trick here is to try to add more movement to your daily routine until your body gets used to it.