5 Best Warm-Up Exercises Before Running

When you’re going for a run, it’s easy to be tempted to just bolt out your door. However, doing this can lead to injury and muscle pain.

What’s worse is that you might not be able to sustain a run for a few minutes because you got worn out during your first half-mile.

The best way to avoid these scenarios is by doing a pre-run workout. A pre-run workout helps your body adjust from a static position to a moving position. This will stretch the muscles that were asleep for a long time, too.

A pre-run exercise will also allow your heart rate to slowly get faster so that more energy and blood is supplied all over your body. This will make it easier for you to sustain long-distance running.

5 Exercises Before You Go for a Run

1. Walk

Walking is one of the best exercises you’ll ever encounter. It’s an all-in-one exercise where it stretches your arms and legs enough so that it can ease up to a run. In fact, the muscles you use during a walk are the same muscles you will use when you run.

One of the many benefits of walking is that you also get your heart rate faster. It’s a low-intensity exercise that helps improve blood circulation while not tiring you out. It also produces endorphins that will help you feel excited the moment you start your run.

2. Hip Opener

The hip opener exercise focuses on your knees and your balance. It helps you stretch your joints so it won’t hurt when you run. Moreover, this exercise helps improve your posture.

To do this, start in a standing position. Raise one leg up until your thigh is parallel to the floor. Then, rotate it to the side while keeping your hips in the same position. You can use your hand to guide your knee to the side.

You can also use an inversion table to stretch your joints, which is great for before and after workout to minimise exercise injuries.

3. Arm Circles

You should also concentrate on your arms. They help provide momentum and balance during your run. The best way to exercise them is to do a few arm circles. Simply put stretch your arms to each side and rotate it clockwise. Do this for 30 seconds and change to counter-clockwise rotation.

4. High Knees

Like the hip opener, high knees help promote blood circulation in your legs. It’s also a great way to improve flexibility in your joints. To do high knees, just raise your knees until your thigh is parallel to the floor. Do this for 10 times and then do the same with the other leg.

5. Glute Bridges

And to cap off your pre-run workout, you have glute bridges. Glute bridges help maintain your balance and posture during your run.

Posture is often overlooked when running but it actually affects how effective your run will be for weight loss and muscle strength. Glute bridges target your core and quads.

Simply lie on the floor with your shoulders flat on the ground. With your knees folded to form a triangle with the floor, slowly lift your hips. Do this for 20 times.