4 Spring Time Fitness Goals to Achieve

Spring is that time of year when everyone feels more alive and full of hope. With this hope is a renewed enthusiasm for the different aspects of one’s life, including fitness.

As the winter days give way to the warm mornings of spring, let this be your cue for determining how you want to stay fit for the rest of the year.

Here are 4 fitness goals you may want to achieve this spring.

1. Train to Race 

After a few months of collecting dust in your closet, spring is the best time to get those running shoes dusted. The later parts of spring and well into the summer are often the time when a lot of marathons and other running events take place.

The first few weeks of spring should give you ample time to prepare for race day. Spring is best for walking or running. And when you combine these two exercises, you will be able to improve your strength and endurance for the race.

Plus, the thought of zipping through the finish line ahead of the others is often enough motivation for you to persevere in your springtime fitness training.

2. Hit the Trail 

Spring is also a great time for running on your favorite trail. You can go hiking, too. Not only is this a good form of exercise for your physical fitness.

It is also great for the mind and soul. The breathtaking scenery of spring is unlike any other. As plant life begins to bloom, they paint the landscape with awesome colors.

What this translates to is a mind that is fitter than ever. Call it relaxation therapy while you are exercising. You are giving your brain its much-needed relaxation while allowing your body to be as fit as possible.

3. Work Out…doors 

It is understandable that you will train and stay fit in the gym during the winter. But with the gentle warmth of spring, you will be better off exercising and working out in the great outdoors.

You do not need fancy equipment to work out. Jog around the neighborhood instead of on the treadmill. Bring your kettlebells to the backyard and perform different exercises while appreciating the beauty of your surroundings.

Gather your friends and do the Zumba right in your backyard. And if you don’t have a spacious yard, then you can all meet at the park.

4. Get an Outdoor Adventure 

Maintaining fitness is not all about going to the gym. It also means enjoying the outdoors through a myriad of ways. Go kayaking or whitewater rafting. Play tennis or softball.

Call your friends and play a game of basketball. If you do this at least 3 times a week, you can bet that you will feel fitter than ever.

Outdoor physical activities can help you burn calories and stay fit throughout the year. It would be wise to include this in your springtime fitness regimen.

Springtime is almost always equated with something fresh and new. With these 4 fitness goals, your springtime will be the springboard to a healthier you for the whole year.