4 Reasons Why Investing in Preventive Measures is Key to Good Health

You always reap what you sow. Just like all things worth having, good health requires investments, including time, money, and effort. While health preventive measures are sometimes unappreciated because the results are intangible and have delayed gratification, there are sufficient reasons why you must continue pouring in resources.

1. Medical expenses are greater than healthy food choices.

Over time, the inflation rate increases and this means that the price of medicines will go up as well, especially the branded and more potent drugs. If you have maintenance medicines that must be taken daily, surely your expenses will bloat.

And note that most maintenance medicines are due to lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases, obesity, cancer, etc. This tells us that lifelong diseases did not develop overnight; they gradually developed as a result of often negligible choices between soda and water, hotdog or fish.

So if you could just start eating apples and vegetables worth a dollar per piece, you can save yourself from over $100 monthly expense on medicines.

2. On a macro level preventive measures are proven to be cost-effective.

The government allocates budget for preventive care and research has shown that the treatment costs for smoking- and alcohol-related medical conditions far outweigh the costs for prevention care program.

With the implementation of an intervention program, the government saves money in hospitalization subsidies. If preventive measures are cost-effective in the realm of public health, the same applies to your personal health.

3. Chronic diseases are also stressful for the family, not just for the person.

Invest in prevention because when an illness strikes you, its consequences are far-reaching, even affecting your family’s productivity and mental health. We all know that optimum health is a sound mind, body, and spirit.

The mental health is as important as the physical health. Yet failing to exercise caution and anticipate the health risks adds to your mental and emotional stress, which rubs off to your loved ones.

In the same way, when your loved ones get sick, you become emotionally, physically, and financially drained as well. If the goal is to live a holistically happy and healthy life, focus on preventive care. 

4. Preventive programs enable you to earn millions in your senior years.

People often belittle the benefits of a health preventive program because its results are measured by the blanket term “good health”. There is no quantifiable measure to speak of.

But to say that investing resources in proper diet, exercise, and regular checkups increases your chances of becoming a millionaire creates a significant impact. And in a way this holds true because preventive care increases work productivity, wards off mental health problems, and sharpens mental acuity.

Exercise and meditation already release serotonins and endorphins into your bloodstream, thus helping you ease through a tough work day. The more financially secure you become, the better able you are to finance accident-related costs and other contingencies.

Final Thoughts

Preventive care investments guarantee early diagnosis and treatment. Some hereditary diseases or trauma cases can’t be treated with mere lifestyle modifications. Still, a preventive program that includes regular doctor appointments can help save your life.