4 Habits That Super Healthy People Practice

Ever wonder what those really, really, healthy people do to get the shape and fitness they have now?

1. They Stay Hydrated

Everyone knows that drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day is healthy. One added note though – try to make water your first liquid of the day. Right after you wake up, drink a glass of water before coffee and this will help start up your digestive system.

2. They Get a Good Night’s Sleep

People with a healthy lifestyle sleep well at night in respectable amounts. That’s around 8 hours of sleep per night with no tossing or turning.

Sure, they may miss bedtime once a in while, but the majority of their days are concluded with a good sleep. Now, while you can’t “force” yourself to sleep in order to emulate these people, there are ways you can encourage a sleepy state during a certain time.

For example, you can try drinking warm milk, doing some yoga exercises before bed, or just having a sleep-ready routine that kind of lulls your brain into the idea of resting.

3. They Have a “Me” Time

Fit people experience better sleep – and do you know why? This is because they don’t really let outside forces affect how they act.

They know how to balance between their “me” time and their “group time”. After all, mental health is a large part of being physically fit. If you feel bad, you won’t even make an effort to work out – or perhaps you’ll workout too much.

Fit people manage to hit that balance and know when it’s time to retreat and give themselves some time to recharge. Take the COVID-19 pandemic for example.

While gyms may be closed during the lockdown, the truly fit people are the ones who will be looking for something else to do. They’d be redirecting their energies and understand that despite all the frustrations of life, they still need to keep going forward to achieve personal goals.

Healthy people, both physically and mentally, prefer to look into the good even as they plan for the bad – and if you can do that, you should be able to handle everything.

4. They Get Breakfast

This one’s a bit surprising, but there seems to be a correlation here. Fit people don’t skip breakfast – they enjoy it. It’s not just the fact that they eat food at a specific time of day however.

It also concerns the kind of breakfast they eat. It’s typically a smorgasbord of colors with fruits, a health protein source, and fiber.  Unsurprisingly, it’s been found that eating breakfast can help prevent you from going medieval on lunch, therefore ensuring that you don’t overeat.

Remember – these tiny things only become powerful once they turn into HABITS. Habits are those activities you do every day that you barely think about doing because they’re so common in your day to day life.

Just like turning the coffee maker on in the morning or signaling before a turn. Building the habit itself is a struggle, but once they’re there – they’re there for life!