3 Best Rowing Machines to Lose Belly Fat

Does the pandemic deprive you of being able to use your oar and indulge in a rowing activity outdoors? Fortunately, there are rowing machines available in the market these days that allow you to mimic the act of rowing. These machines help you exercise your arms, shed excess fats and enjoy a full-body workout without getting wet with sea water.

The best rowing machines do a great job in helping you develop more defined muscles. Indulging in this type of exercise gives you the opportunity to elevate your heart rate and jumpstart the fat burning process. But what are the best rowing machines to use for a belly fat busting activity? Check out the following:

1. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5639 Full Motion Rowing Machine

The Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine is designed with a hydraulic piston resistance system. This would mean that the resistance level which can be adjusted up to 12 levels is controlled by a single piston located beneath the seat rail. Its resistance levels are also being regulated through its piston.

What many people love about this machine is its free-motion rowing arms. Using it is much like rowing a real boat. This will not only give users the chance to exercise their arms in a wider range of motion. Its full motion rowing ability also further increases heart rate which in turn will also help the body burn more calories. The result would be increased ability of the body to burn belly fat fast.

Persons who are overweight or obese can definitely enjoy this machine because it is built to withstand those who weigh as much as 350 lbs. This fact alone is enough proof of its durability.

2. Everfit Rowing Machine Adjustable Magnetic Resistance System

This rowing machine is built with 10 levels of resistance. One outstanding feature of this machine is its magnetic resistance system that works silently. This is such good news especially if you don’t want to create noise or disturb others in the household when exercising.

You can just go on with your daily workout knowing that losing belly fat does not have to be such a noisy process. Most of all, since it operates using a magnetic system, your daily exercise routine does not have to be costly, too because it require no electricity to function.

Besides, its adjustable footrest and ergonomic seat also ensure comfort all throughout your workout. The machine makes use of durable pulling straps that ensure smooth rowing. You can also easily change your workout location because this machine is installed with wheels for convenient mobility.

Users who need a guide during exercise can take advantage of its preprogrammed workouts which they can view on their performance monitors.

3. XTERRA Fitness Unisex-Adult Rower ERG200

The XTERRA ERG200 Rower is equipped with a dual aluminum track rail system which allows a continuous rowing motion for an improved fat burning exercise. Choosing your preferred tension is easy to do because it features a simple dial, coupled with a console angle that can be adjusted easily.

It also features a large ergonomic seat and pivoting foot pedals for a comfortable workout. It has a padded pull handle and wide Velcro straps to make exercising comfortable regardless of your fitness level.

At the end of your workout, you can just fold it up and then store it. This way, the machine doesn’t have to take up much space in your home. Its aluminum seat slide rails with dual extrusion ensure stable motion and this is beneficial for beginners. They can just keep rowing without the need to worry about unstable movement of the rowing process.

Final Thoughts

Don’t get yourself caught sitting while scooting on the rower back and forth. Start with learning first the proper way to use the machine. Read safety instructions and when in doubt, always ask the experts. Consult rowing exercise experts or watch tutorial videos to ensure you’re doing it right, the first time. Note that the rowing machine is not a magic bullet to a slimmer you. You need to work hard. Sweat it out and keep rowing to fitness!