10 Best Valentine Gift Ideas for the Fitness Buff

The most romantic day of the year is fast approaching. By now, you are may be a little lost thinking of valentine gift ideas for your loved ones. While flowers and chocolates never fail, you can make 2021 Valentine’s Day extra special by giving your gifts a careful thought.

If your special someone is into fitness, you can choose any of the fitness-related gift ideas we have shortlisted for Valentine’s.

1. Massage Gun

Regular workouts strain muscles and hamper performance. If your significant other is an athlete or a gym rat, grab him/her a quality massage gun.

It brings a host of benefits to the user, similar to that of a traditional massage. It flushes excess cellular fluids out of the muscles to help treat and prevent soreness and inflammation.

The features of a massage gun differ according to the brand. But it is generally handy so that you can carry it around anywhere. It is perfect for your partner who has to leave town for a sports competition.

2. Wireless Headphones

Music and exercise go together like peanut butter and jam. Whether your partner is yet starting to run or already a regular gym-goer, gift him/her a nice pair of wireless headphones. According to research, music enables people to exercise longer and motivates them to treat exercise as an enjoyable activity.

When choosing wireless headphones for gifts, make sure they are compatible with the user’s device. While most headphones are, some brands may have stricter connectivity requirements.

 3. Mini-exercise Bike

Is your special someone a homebody? A mini-exercise bike (sometimes called a pedal exerciser) might be the right fitness tool for him/her. It does not take up much space and can be tucked neatly under the desk while you are working. Your work remains uninterrupted, plus you get to shed off unwanted fats.

These mini-exercise bikes are selling like hotcakes recently, owing to their fitness benefits. Besides weight loss, users observe that their mood and performance also improve.

4. Activewear

Clothes get worn over time with constant use. Express your support for your loved one’s fitness passion by getting him/her a new set of activewear. Your choices are aplenty – pants, shorts, tops, outerwear, etc. Decide what your partner needs and shop around for the best brand and style.

For activewear, choose light, stretchy, and durable non-absorbent fabric. You want it to last longer and be comfortable to wear so your loved one can exercise in it conveniently.

If you are unsure about the fit, a stylish athleisure jacket would be a safer gift choice. This piece of clothing helps people transition from their sweat session to their other appointments without hassle.

5. Training Shoes

Footwear is critical to prolonged exercise and sports. Shoes cushion impacts and thus protect your spine and leg from impact-related injuries.

Training shoes are designed for multiple athletic activities. If your special someone regularly works out, you know what to give him/her this Valentine’s day – a nice pair of training shoes.

For maximum benefits, you can choose training shoes specific to the exercise need of your partner. If he or she is into high-intensity interval training (HIIT), you buy trainers that withstand high impacts.

If your partner is into running, then go for lightweight running shoes with proper arch support and optimum shock absorption. And if weight training is their interest, purchase shoes with good heel support. Meanwhile, the grooves and outsole pattern of a shoe will prove valuable for agility.

Although a pair of training shoes is practical, your loved one will think of it as a thoughtful gesture after you have tailored the design to their training needs.

6. Healthy Meal Subscription

Your Valentine’s Day gift does not need to be a one-time affair. Have you considered getting your loved one a healthy meal subscription? You can choose a week-, month-, or even a year-long subscription if you wish. This unique gift idea saves your loved one time for cooking and keeps him/her in great shape.

Take your pick from the selection of healthy meal subscription boxes. It’s important that the meals are as delicious as they are nutritious.

7. Treadmill

External factors such as work, bad weather, traffic, and health crises, keep us from engaging in outdoor activities. But these should not stop anyone from fulfilling fitness goals. If your partner is into running but apparently finds a hard time keeping up the routine, a treadmill would be the appropriate gift.

Treadmill exercises improve cardiovascular health, promote weight loss, and prevent diabetes. Make sure that the gift’s recipient has ample space to accommodate the treadmill. Alternatively, you can choose from the many kinds of stationary exercise bikes available today.

8. Fitness Watch

Wearable fitness trackers have helped several people commit to their routines and eventually achieve their goals. Get your special someone who is struggling with their fitness motivation a fitness watch.

It monitors caloric loss, hours of sleep, heart rate, and even workout cycles. Choose features that suit your loved one’s fitness lifestyle. And if you must buy a fitness watch, buy the waterproof version.

9. Essential Oils

Fitness extends beyond physical needs. Stress is one great contributor to illnesses and this disrupts a person’s attention to attaining his or her fitness goals. One best way to express your love to that special person is to free him or her from stress.

A set of essentials oils is such a lovely valentines gift that will relieve your loved one from all the stresses of everyday work or the daily grind. Each oil has targeted benefits such as stress relaxation, energy booster, improved digestion, mood enhancer, etc.

Choose one kind or get an entire set of different oils for your significant other. These oils are quite handy and multi-purpose. You can diffuse them or even directly apply on the skin.

10. Customised Tumbler

Hydration is critical to well-being. For sure, your fitness enthusiast partner knows this and already keeps a full tumbler with him/her all the time.

But hey, you always have the option to upgrade her water bottle as the material degrades over time. Better yet, personalise it with your partner’s name or a short, sweet message on the bottle. It will be a beautiful daily reminder of your love and support.

You still have many other gift choices to consider – a gym bag, a bouquet of protein bars, a paid fitness tracker app, a set of kettlebells, or even a simple gym pouch. What’s important here is that you have considered your budget and, to an extent, your partner’s preference.